No more flying with Bud on you...

Discussion in 'General' started by zzxyzz, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. if you dont like it then you dont have to fly
  2. Why you always gotta be such a downer mang? Were supposed to be happy stoners.

    And I'm not saying I don't like it, just that it pretty much goes completely against unlawful search laws. It basically is a full body search for every person who walks through.
  3. no, you dont have to fly. not until something comes up and you do have to fly, a sudden familial emergency or something similar. then you're in a position where you do have to fly, and unless you have a plane, youre walking through the xray machine.

    but hey if you dont have anyhting to hide, whats the problem? :D
  4. Isn't it unhealthy to walk through and be around magnetic fields and radio waves?

    I would rather have to take my clothes off than have to walk through one of those.

    Look what 9/11 did...

    Now WE don't even have rights. Let alone the thousands of poor iraquis who get fucked everyday by the long dick of America. I hate them as much as anyone, but there is no reason to destroy them as long as they stay in there own country.

    I cannot wait until shit gets way out of hand and a world war occurs. Then hopefully people will become normal again.
  5. Son of a fuck.

    I live in tulsa.

  6. Is this internal 3D as well?

    What's to stop somebody from swallowing something or doggy-huffin' it to get their goods from place to place?
  7. If I have to a get full body scan one day im gonna make sure I get the biggest boner ever before I get scanned.
  8. San Francisco? That sucks. I plan on visiting my buddy from there sometime.

    Is it legal to fly with cannabis on you if you're a legal medical marijuana patient?

    I hope so...
  9. No, because it is a state law.
  10. naw i took bud on a plane and went through the full body scan and they didnt say anything
  11. well, you are married to it
  12. so thts why we're in this huge deficit huh? because the iraq war helped boost our economy. i know you proly smoke weed dude.... but u gotta be smokin some wacky shit to believe tht....:confused::D
  13. Oh well. I'm sure the Bay has nicer dispensaries than San Diego anyway. I'll make use of them ASAP after I land. :)

  14. LOL!

    But seriously... I know it's for our protection, but I have a bad feeling that the government is getting a little too powerful... don't you all agree?
  15. this system is based on the deficit and the always increasing debt. its been that way for a while.
  16. Just don't be a dumbass and carry illegal contraband on you and you won't have anything to worry about.

    Who cares if they see me naked, they'll be just as suprised as I am.

  17. hopefully, in the coming days/weeks, you can find the time to get back to this thread and denounce all the shit that you feel you should. id appreciate your point of view.
  18. I'm not saying shit until someone other than me notices this particular thingy has nothing to do with flying with dope...

  19. That would suck to have the job of looking at the screen.

    You know how many saggy tits and wrinkled up ball sacks and crooked cocks you would see?

    You would be sexually numb for eternity.
  20. Scanning balls causes cancer!

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