No more flying with Bud on you...

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  1. well, no, i dont think youre lying. but im glad i have you to tell me whether or not im being foolish.

    my point is this: we act like presidents and prime ministers and such are the ones in charge, and theyre not. they answer to people, and those people answer to people, and us, the general public, do not need to know and will not ever know who is actually pulling the strings.

    President Obama is the President of THE UNITED STATES corporation, but one day i hope to resign my post at that company and stop contributing money to it.

  2. Sorry but I have to correct you. 9/11 was not an inside job. Your falling for the ever abundant anti-Bush liberal propaganda.

    The WTC was attacked in 1993 by the same like minded people that hit it on 9/11. :rolleyes:
  3. Where are you getting all this information from?
  4. its not information. its the way i see the world.
  5. So you're admitting that your worldview is based on nothing, except, presumably, how cool it makes you sound when you say it
  6. yes, i am. i hope you can help straighten me out.
  7. You can expect to see this type of security outside of the airport any time soon.

    I'll give ya one hint....


  8. thats interesting. i dont necessarily agree with it, but im going to resist the urge to be condescending. you see, i understand that we all formulate opinions and viewpoints after being here on earth for awhile and experiencing things.

    now, certain parts of me might say 'where are you getting these facts?' or 'prove it!'
    but the part of me that matters tells me to accept your viewpoint for what it is, a fellow humans point of view, and take what i can from it.

  9. We see that security is only getting tighter and that the nanny state is growing. The governments of the world are pushing for even more control of our lives.

    Pretty soon we will all be given a micro chip implant and be forced to undergo blood, hair and stool samples twice weekly. They will tax us and make us account for every single particulate discovered in our bodies. I'm not kidding what so ever.
  10. good thing i can still bring acid on a plane

  11. Yeah, I'd just hide it under my tongue. :p

  12. You guys dont seem to understand...

    the don't use the machine on every single person that passes by.
    they use it for random screenings and on people the look suspicious.

    You're given an option between being pat-down, and this.
    If they're gonna search you, you will be caught regardless.
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    I'm RIGHT behind you dude, and you are so not safe.

    I have lube.


    Talk to the CIA; They've been fucking with "privacy" for... well, awhile.

    Answer; Cock blockers in the white house

    Response; Dude, they can find out what's in your ass the HARD way, too.

    I won't believe that until you're Nostradamus, or a Sith Lord.


    I had more quotes and responses, but mweh, WhatsThatSmell and Sky Dog already did the necessary pwning. There's too much shit to denounce in this thread.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed; That particular scanning technology would have very little to do with you flying with dope.

    ... Say wha? Shit man. Shit... oh we're screwed, man. Screwed!

    Really, I've never heard that before. Ever. The particulate part is clever... but yeah. Can someone come up with a more interesting theory on how we'll be controlled and tracked other than the microchip? Can we just go back to satellites?

    Or maybe, God?


  14. maybe so but i dont fear any of it, bc as the great Bill Hicks once said, "it's just a ride."

    and a choice between fear and love is really what this all really comes down to, and no matter how many xray machines or cameras or microchips they buy, im not going to stop trying to choose love over fear.
  15. Wikipedia is edited by the people, so who is to say the Government didnt add their own story.

    Watch 9/11 Loose Change, it has detailed explinations on eveything I said.

    Resistance has a point, I believe as well that a "President" for the US is nothing more than a spokesperson for the Government.

    When has our presidency changed to the point that a President informs his own country of the Governments action?

    Obama is nothing more than a spokesperson for America, thats all. The same reason why Marijuana isnt legal. In 2004 Obama ran for president and his pledge was, the war on drugs was an utter failure, and that the end of prohibition would help our economy.

    Now, he doesnt even answer a Marijuana related question, it says "The Obama administration recognizes marijuana as a harmful drug" not President Obama.
  16. you are a fucking idiot. how could you even possibly think this was a intelligent idea? o yeah sure lots of people will want protection but what about the one crazy fuck with the uzi or the pipe bomb? a pressurized cabin is a very very very easy thing to destroy once off the ground.
  17. This is good. We have to look at it differently and see that it's much safer to fly on. Does anyone know anyone who has been in a plane which has been hijacked?
  18. honestly i'd give up my chance to bring weed on a plane (which i don't do anyway) if it meant that the risk of terrorist attacks on planes (i.e. 9/11) would be decreased. just my two cents.
  19. Yeah...hope and change.....
  20. Is this even legal? I'm pretty sure this completely and totally goes against unlawful search laws and such? A full body scan on everyone who wants to fly somewhere? Thats insane.

    They will probably think I'm smuggling a cannon in my pants :p:p:p

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