no more flappy bird

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  1. It's just a marketing ploy.
    A genius marketing ploy. 
    But I'm not buying into it, and I still refuse to download the game and waste more time on it, especially since I already waste enough time on candy crush. 
  2. Exactly what i was thinking.

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  3. I don't even have a smart phone so luckily I don't waste time on games like these.
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    Very smart marketing tactic
  5. Is that a euphemism? Did you get a Viagra script?
  6. Flappy dick eh

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  7. Marketing tactic?

    Nintendo hates the mobile platforms and is fighting day in and day out to prevent people from emulating there games on mobile...

    He ripped off a game, and got busted and taken down.

    Now that whole bullshit with Duck dynasty around Christmas time? Now THAT was a marketing ploy for the new year.

    Read there's already someone auctioning off there phone with Flappy bird installed

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  8. Still playing it on my phone.
  9. Never played it & never will same with all the other bs phone games. The only game I have on my phone is madden 25

    Who Dat!
  10. The IPA will still be accessible online from previous versions...
  11. whos got flappy wings now? haha
  12. These people just made a couple grand. Snapped this screenshot from my phone.

  13. I literally got it the day before it got taken down :O Maybe he's one of those guys who's content with eating rice and a nice, comfortable home. For the simple lifestyle, I'm sure he's made enough to support his lifetime :p
  14. The beauty of Androids is that you can download .apk Apps so yeah I can still get that shit if I wanted to. But I literally deleted that in minutes. Why use something that angers you?
  15. That's what I was going to say. Do a quick Google search and download the .apk
  16. Praise the lawd. Im sick of hearing aboot this game

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