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No more coughing...lots of sneezing = adaptation?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by fatblunts9-5-4, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I basically dont cough any more and I smoke less then I used to but more frequently (3-5 bong rips as opposed to 2-3 blunts) ALTHOUGH, I still produce dark mucus and seem to expel all of it through sneezing...My sneezes are hardcore though, like my whole body devotes the bulk of its muscles to expelling anything in my chest or sinuses, and it makes me wonder, is this an adaptation or is it worse for me...?
  2. Short and to the point.

    Your lungs try to shed the inner lining to get all of the mucous and foreign particles out by coughing. Since you arent doing that, its coming through your nose. Do you possibly have a sinus infection? Are you currently having headaches? I would suggest to actually try and hack up as much mucous as possible to help break it up.
  3. naw, Im definitely not sick, and I excercise frequently so I was thinking it was because I try to breathe out of my nose more then the average stoner, and I do expel it out of my mouth it just gets there by sneezing instead of hacking, so what Im asking is "Is this bad?"
  4. I don't know about bad...possibly.
    But it wouldn't hurt to take a little break, even a week, to let your lungs chill for awhile.
  5. i cough up a lot of mucus every morning, but it doesnt really worry me all that much. try to expel as much mucus as possible like kush said. just be careful because i have puked many times from coughing up giant mucus balls and gagging on them

  6. Haha, my brother sneezes a lot when he smokes now. When we're really high we think its the funniest thing ever. He's the only person I know that sneezes from weed. Anyway, sneezing high feels awesome.
  7. i smoke a pretty decent amount of the herb and exhale almst exclusively through my nose. ive noticed that i cough less but also sneeze more when im stoned. i ffeel good so i wouldnt be worried about sneezng. just foreign particles around your sinuses induces mucus and other business like that.
  8. you might be pregnant.

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