No More 420 homegrown bud....

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  1. Ive been staying with my mom to save some money and i usually start a grow by this time every year to have some good ol' homegrown for 420. Well i started a local indica strain 3 weeks ago (12/12) from seed and was pretty excited had jus showed her pistils and everything. I come home to find my speaker box/grow box in the middle of my floor stripped of everything except mylar i then go up stairs and see my mom at the sink with the garbage disposal on with my plant roots first:mad: Of course she bitches at me and i had no buisness of growin in her house but it hurt to her do it. So any ways this the last pic i had of her the day b4 her shredding l.o.l

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  2. damn man that sucks but at least it was only one plant you can always start over
  3. Unless your parents are onboard, I would never suggest growing at home...garbage disposal...ah. *Moment of Silence*

    Sorry man, that sucks.
  4. Ya i know thats what i get for trying to pull a fast one but its all good, but like you said atleast it was only 1.
  5. dude that really sucks, did she tell you how she found it out?

    R.I.P. :(

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