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  1. Hey all,

    I'm not having a problem (I don't think, at least) but I was curious why there are no articles on light leakage in the organics section. Is it because it's covered to death in other parts of GC or is this less of a concern when you have happy, healthy, organically grown beauties?

  2. Well, lights and organics are two different subjects. To my mind if I wanted to talk about light leaks, I would go to the lighting section.

    Of course the really experienced organic growers are probably well past the stage where they think about light leaks. Got that sorted many seasons ago. The rest of us grow outdoors anyway. ;)

    I will say I've used two very bright, green cfl's for night work in my flower room for over 5 years now. These lights have been left on over night (oops) many times and I have never had any problems with hermies.
  3. Interesting! Thanks, Wee!

    I would love to grow outdoors if I could...but, sadly, not an option right now. My reason for asking was last go around I had 3 hermies (of 6) - and I just do not want to make the same mistakes this time. Knowing what I do now, I am thinking it was more likely a poor growing medium/nutrient build and potentially heat stress. Considering I'm growing in a sealed tent, in my closet, I would be shocked if it was an issue with light (however, at the time, I was convinced that was part of it....I've learned a lot since then). With my amazing soilless mix - thanks to everyone at GC - my ladies are looking stunningly more healthy than last time.

    P.S. I'm loving the fast response time :)
  4. You should have a hygrometer to measure average temps and humidity. Stress seems to be a big hermie motivator (the plant wants to reproduce in response to stress), but it seems to be genetics as well. Some seed producers simply have a lot of hermies in their genetics.

    Best thing to do is just keep track of everything. Environmental influences, genetics, etc. Your notes will tell you a lot over time.
  5. Yeah, I have been really lacking when it comes to journaling my experience.

    I do have a hygrometer and a couple thermometers (to verify accuracy). I try to keep my temps hovering between 70 and 73 when the lights are on, and they will drop as low as 64 (though, generally not that low) with lights off. I had a heater in there for a bit because I was worried about the change, but I took it out because I felt like it was not doing a great job of accurately regulating. Hygrometer usually reads around 40%.

    Last time I lost two Sour Diesels and a Bubba Kush :(...and they impregnated my surviving ladies. This time, I am running all (8) Pitbull female clones, which has shown superb branching ability - an excellent trait for my SCROG grow.

    Good news is, they have all pre-sexed with female traits so far.
  6. I find this to be true. I have had more hermies from low humidity and high heat than I have had with lite leaks. Good thing someone takes notes! My dog ate mine I sware;)
  7. one other thought that I forgot to share. Cannabis will tolerate some light at night. But it has to be less than the light of a full moon (a guess of mine) and not sustained for multiple nights.

    My reasoning is that is the environment the plants evolved in over thousands of years.
  8. Do lightning bugs count???

    Actually Clarke stated in "Marijuana Botany", the light from a bright full moon can slow or stop flowering for that night. Don't remember about the night before or the night after, but IIRC it wasn't mentioned.

    IMO, it's pretty strain related. I've tried and tried to get my (un named), Indica strain to hermie using light stress and it simply would not flip. Finally just gave up, a VERY straight female. LOL

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    Strain makes a lot of difference. :)

    However, at the very bottom of my list of things to worry about is how the light of a full moon is slowing down my harvest. That's filed under the I Just Don't Give A Rats Ass file. ;)
  10. Sweet. Thanks for the info! Knowledge is power!

  11. True, outdoors. We're talking 2, perhaps 3 nights in a flower cycle of 8-10 weeks. Big whoop.

    But, indoors, if you had a constant light leak that was as bright or brighter than that full moon, that file just might get opened.;)


  12. The light of the full moon is actually negligible compared to light pollution produced by nearby lights. Because of the distance traveled, the light of a full moon is only 0.02 ft candles. It takes 2 ft candles of light or more to interrupt flower initiation in short day plants.

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    Thanks Capt Obvious. ;)

    To follow up on that point, growing near street lights can be problematic. Out in the countryside I don't worry about light pollution and not many folks grow outside in an urban environment where light pollution is at it's worse.
  14. talk about mr obvious..lmao...
    plants dont see green light dude... why in the fuck would anyone think that a green light could cause a hermi...:laughing:
  15. theres other spectrums of light coming out of the green eco-party CFL bulbs (thats the brand they carry at your guys's home depot, right? :) ) than only green. im sure there's some yellows and some blues....i dont use that shit. when its lights out, its lights out.

    i get my work done during the "day," and i do not "wrack dissapwin" so nobody ever sees my plants with the light off :D

  16. The clones that just hermied on me were definitely genetically tainted. I got them from a guy who grew them out seedless, but he got the seeds to grow that plant from some reeaallly seedy pot. Probably a hermie. I had a light leak in my tent from my t5 (veg plants) which was placed right next to the tent. It could've been the light that did it. Also could've been all the nutrient deficiencies, the ph problems, lockout, the lack of fresh air, the broken ballast half way through flowering, fertilizing too early in life which stunted them, or the fact that it took over 60 days to get the clones to root. First indoor grow in over 10 years. They were destined to hermie.
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    Glad you have a chuckle. Not everyone knows about using green lights. As evidenced by the reps I've gotten for mentioning it.

    Thanks for caring though. ;)

    Little side note. I have heard rumors that green lights left on at night may slow down plant growth. It sounds like bullshit to me but there you go.
  18. Banned!?


  19. Seriously, WTF? As a new grower, I can personally say that WeeDroid has been very helpful.
  20. He also was in the middle of every single argument since I've come here. This should be a place that we come to politely learn and discuss, not ridicule and scare off noobies.

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