No Longer Feeling The Effects Of Cannabis - Freaked Out

Discussion in 'General' started by pecan, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Okay so here is the deal guys, I've been smoking forEVER, and what's been disturbing me is that I no longer get high off of weed. I've tried a t-break, I've tried edibles, vaping, and plain smoking, and no matter what, I no longer feel the effects. I just finished smoking a quarter I bought this morning, and I'm not high at this crap normal? I live in a non-medicinal state so talking to a doctor about it isn't really an option in my case. :(

    EDIT: Don't know if this may help in any way, but I'm a catholic, and I cherish my this maybe a sign?
  2. seems you are not smoking marijuana, give the kids your getting this from back their lawn clippings and buy some bud
  3. How long was your t-break?
  4. I definitely know what quality nug looks like man.

    1 month exactly.

  5. :laughing:
  6. Your god has smitted you, you sinner. Feel its wrath of no highness ahahahahahaha
  7. Did I miss the joke?
    Or are you one of the many who superimpose inferiority based on a religious sect? Maybe you should get to know me first...just saying.
  8. Just tell the pope you're a pedophile and he'll likely pardon your sins.
  9. stay on topic or gtfo no brains, drop your fantasies for now, there's an obvious crisis here.
  10. Meditate while ur high observe the feeling of being high most likely u are high but ur used to it

  11. Oh, the irony :rolleyes:
  12. OP I really don't know hot to help you man
    I don't even buy this story
    go sober for a day, then smoke a 2 gram blunt to the face and tell me your not high
  13. This story is free of charge, you don't have to "buy" anything.

    I just smoked a quarter ounce in 3 hours...:confused:
  14. you may as well stop smoking then huh ?
  15. My bet is you don't even know how to inhale it.

    Or you're a liar.
  16. i may not have a brain but at least i still have cannabinoid receptors
  17. Or this is what the gateway may be all about...maybe there is validity in that statement.


    gtfo and go eat the Eucharist, maybe that will give you a high.
  19. Like, really fucking obvious .
  20. Cool, that's like having a dick that can't get hard.

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