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    sooo a friend of mine came up on some oxy's. Picked up two green ones and a white one. called a friend to ID them online and she said the greens were 15mg oxycodone and the whie was 5mg oxycodone, both immediate release. Never tried oxy before, I popped all 3 and did feel somethin, but it was nothing really close to what I was expecting. It was just a slight euphoria while we were riding around on our beach cruisers, and when I got home to relaxed it hit just a lil harder. What's a good first time dose? 35mg was pretty weak, considering I paid $20 for it all. How much mg would be cool for me without puking like I've heard so many people do? I mean 15-20mg hydro or my first time on 150mg tramadol was way cooler than this stuff. Oh and if it even matters I had 2mg xanax a few hours before.
  2. 30 mg of oxy for your first time should be enough to get you feeling it good. In fact 20mg should get you pretty high. I recommend crushing them up and insufflating them (it is what most people do usually), it works better than just eating them.
  3. That shit gets really addictive, be careful, especially if you snort or shoot them.../

    Hell, even if you just pop them really.

    Be careful, and have lots of fun.

    30mgs, should prolly have had you feeling right....... I do't know about the benzo interaction though
  4. my first time i took 40mg....
    snorted em.

    i was feeling real lazy.

    but shit like that isnt for me.
  5. 150 tramadol is nothing!
    those pills are 50 each, it took me 11 to get high and i barely do opiates
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    well for those ppl who have good reaction to it, they know what i'm talking about. these days I need 300mg and it still is never like the first time. but i'm guessing me and the oxy are like you and the trams

    Tray Dub I know erowid but as you can see direct help from GC members is so much better. I felt it that night but like I said it was nothing close to me saying damn oxy is the shit. i'll try more next time hahaha & see what happens

    what do you think about $20 for the 35mg? I'm strapped for cash gonna try trading him trams & xannies for em hehe

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