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no limits

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flyytee, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking for quite some time now

    and for the last few months it juss feels like i have no threshold
    When I first started it was like i knew my limits
    now i dont have a limit.. last night i smoked 4 blunts of arizona and was down to smoke some more
    does anyone else have this feeling... or is it just me??
  2. it's tolerance, your body has become acclimated to crazy amounts of weed smoke
  3. Sounds like it's time for a t-break haha
  4. yeah, id say a t-break is in order. no reason to smoke 4 blunts and still wanna smoke unless you got some ditchweed
  5. yeah dude I'm in the same boat. I've also noticed that this kind of excessive smoking (3 or 4 or more blunts in a night) take a toll on my lungs a lot more than when I used to be good after a couple bowls.
  6. No need to smoke 4 blunts even if you had ground up leaves.

    That is a shit load, I suggest taking a month break and then realizing a joint has you "seeing" shit.
  7. you know.. i've never understood when people want to stop smoking.
    unless they feel they're getting sick.
    i mean. i've smoked nearly a whole oz. in one day.
    sure, i was prettty stupid.. but i was higher than a kite.
    and extremely happy.

    i've always had a high tolerance though.. :/
    always. it's depressing.
  8. yeah i definitely think its tolerance
    same thing is happening to me actually
    the other day i smoke 7 blunts of some good crip (with a group of friends) , i have no fuking idea HOW.... 2 of my friends passes out ..
    and then i managed to drive and go to class later on that day ..
  9. idk i guess some ppl can just smoke and smoke and still get high, but i eventually get to a point where im not getting any higher and the weed is just putting me to sleep. its a waste.
  10. Once I get to the point of smoking and entire bowl of dank by myself then I take a week off. I usually toke on one bowl by myself for an hour or 2
  11. fuck t-breaks...just start smoking hash
  12. k so.. there's a fwe things to note:

    1. t breaks
    2. hash
    3. maybe you just wanted to chain smoke for a change?
  13. I've never had a limit really. I only get that pukey feeling when I eat too much, never just from smoking. I've smoked a lot of pot at one time and always been down for more.
    Is that weird or are many of you the same way?
  14. a t-break will probably be good

    i guess i'm just the type of person that will just keep getting higher and higher... i like taking it to the abyss :smoke:

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