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  1. Hmmm, thoughts from the locals? Can only go up from here? Can't wait for the memes, no matter which side U R on some of them R funny af.
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  2. No locals is my guess....?
  3. Know your audience? must be a democrat room? break out the crying towels. :wave:
  4. Hello my friend....One democrat gets the boot and there are 10 more in line to take over..80 years of Dem mayors......Dam...maybe they can make it to 100.
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  5. I've got no skin in that game. If you like what's going on, keep voting the same way (California). we each get 1 vote & only 1 hopefully. How horrible would it be if we all voted the same way?
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  6. Well my friend..I am in Oregon and my choice never seems to win..I keep voting anyway, for some reason.

    If there was a meat grinder next door to the Urgent Care facility built on the front of a mail in ballot box, with a hole in it, that said insert dick or boobs here for payment of 1000.00 dollars a month guaranteed ,there would be a line of democrats from NY to Portland Oregon....imo...jk.....
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  7. Thats a pretty radical plan but I feel your pain. Fl seems to be turning red fwiw.
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  8. Up until the middle of last May, I lived my whole life in the Chicago suburbs. It is so sad to see what is happened to the city in the state in general, but that's what leftism does,

    Yes, Larry Lighthead being out is a good thing, but let's not kid ourselves, her replacement will not be much better. It will still be some far-left, Soros-funded asshole.
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  9. Yes, that's where I am now as of last May.I used to be in the Chicago area

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