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No Lighter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by quinnphill8, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Is there any way to spark a bowl with no lighter. I haveno lighter and i want to chief this bowl.
  2. Thank you im using my gril and a it worked thanksss
  3. Thread\

    Or try vaporizing with a heat gun through your bong :smoking:
  4. not to be an ass but did this really require a new thread? :confused:
  5. yepp the classic bowdrill... i can do handrills too... also u can use a toaster.... or light a candle off the stove!
  6. Candles work the best, if there scented then it covers the J-Smoke.
    you can also use flint stones :)
  7. thanks to all that answered but what i did was get a tooth pick and light it on my grill and breathed really hard so it cherried the bowl then I kept it cherried.
  8. Oh god! One time I had no lighter so I lit a long candle with the stove... It gets worse - I took it down to my room, packed a bowl, tipped the bowl upside down (lost minor weed) and put it over the candle as I toked.
  9. lol use the stove and a cotton swab
  10. matches...they are pretty much free if you know where to go.
  11. Just roll a J with that weed and light it with your stove!

  12. IDK, but in my experience, matches can ruin the taste of the herb because the sulfur released during combustion burns with the weed.
  13. If you get the longer wooden ones then you can just wait for the entire match head to burn before you use it to light what you need to, thus preventing that nasty sulfur taste from invading the ganja.
  14. You dont have a $1 to spare and the time to go to 7-11? They even have free matches.
  15. you can use a pop can and a piece of chocolate to spark up your bowl...hahaha it really works, but usually you would use it to start a campfire.
  16. Light a toothpick off the stove, works like a charm
  17. if its sunny out use a magnifying glass. haha. next time you buy a lighter buy two! so when the first one dies your good!
  18. where i live u can get 3 lighters for a dollar :)
  19. [ame=""]Survive! Fire From A Battery And Staple - Video[/ame]


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