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No lighter, need to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Easer, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. I have a candle. a stove to light it, I tried lighting paper but the paper smoke got in and fucked up the taste I dont have any of those beeline lighters or whatever but yeah...
  2. a match?
  3. hot knife.
  4. You just said you have stove to light it.. :\

    Unless you're smoking out of a piece?
  5. If you try to light bud with a candle your going to drip wax into your bowl.

    Roll a joint and light the end with the candle flame.

  6. light a toothpick with the candle and u have a ghetto match
  7. Go buy a lighter?

  8. This. I can't think of many excuses for not having a lighter.
  9. Im in NY in the middle of a blizzard, and yes i only have peices right mow no papaer
  10. try to take the wic out of the candle, hmm or... do you have hemp rope? or a bible to use for rolling papers? what would macgyver do in this situation..
  11. put an unopened can of spaghetti-o's in the microwave for an hour. There will be fire.
  12. this. problem solved.

    We should stick a tut for how to smoke weed without a lighter. I believe its always important to have 8 ways to make a fire. GET ON THAT SHIT!

  13. heh:D
  14. The cavemen sure had it tough eh? I'd take a glass rod (if you have one) or a butter knife and put it on the stove till its really damn hot, and use it to burn your bowl. If you've never done it before, you might actually enjoy the taste more than using a flame.
  15. How about asking a neighbor for a lighter?

    Tell them your pilot light is out on the stove and you need to borrow a flame?
  16. Any toothpicks in the house? Any wood skewers like you'd use for shishkabobs? Any cedar linings that often come on cigars? Other than paper, that's what I have within 3 feet of my current location.

  17. or tell them the blizzard sucks and you want to get high :smoke:
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  18. LMAO! guess that'd work too! :D
  19. What ever you do dont EVER smoke with a candle. You get wax in your lungs and that shit dont come out
  20. Invite a buddy over with a lighter!

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