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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by hippie john, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. *grins cause we have a new section*:D

    OK light destroys THC, but the plant needs light to grow unless....

    we use sound. think about it. light travels as a wave, so if you substitute a light wave with a sound wave, you could grow super potent ganj, without lights.

    just an idea, thought i'd mention it.

  2. One problem would be the fact that light travels in transverse waves while sound travels in compression waves. And I don't remember my bio, so what was it from light the plants needed? If I knew specifically, I might be able to theorize alternatives.
  3. i dunno, but if it was possible to send only the wavelengths that the plant needs, you could reduce THC destruction.

    or if you new what type of light destroys THC you could cut it out of the spectrum.
  4. That would work, too.
  5. it might be a little harder to hide
  6. interesting, now ya got me thinking

    and it makes my head hurt
  7. so with enough water around or humidity in a room, we may be able to utilize sonoluminescence for photosynthesis?
  8. yeah i can c it now, all the questions on wat size amp do i need, is rock n roll or hip hop betta 4 growin a indica. "ther was a loud noise outside my growroom while my plant was in its quiet time, will that make it go back into veg?" and dont 4get the outdoor lads,... "im thinking of growing next to a busy motorway, will the sound of large trucks b ok or shud i leave it next to the factory where it is now?"

  9. well ud b buggerd if flowerin, the mold wud b unreal.

  10. light also makes thc and resin etc

    no shit.
  11. Ive heard of useing music or sound as a supplement to light but replacement.

    'yes my plants were grown on pink noise"...

    lol wow, it would be white and an interesting smoke.
  12. god damn........i wanna smoke me some jimi hendrix........gimme that "purple haze" fact make that some frank zappa, that would be an interesting weed, lol........would be weird to be inside that guys head!!.........i mean who would ever name there kid....."moon unit"??...........Peace out..........Sid
  13. you doesn't sound that bad when you add in ......"moon unit zappa" makes it sound like some kind of gun, maybe a laser.........Peace out...........Sid
  14. i dont think you could jsut play music, it would have to be just specific sounds that influence growth. ya know, like just bass and treble, no voice. i'm seriously researching this, cause it would be worth the trouble to have weed that 100x as potent because none of the THC is destroyed. imagine using a vap. with that stuff. now that woul be a trip:)
  15. if u r 4real bout this john then another way of looking at it wud b to find the presise wavelenghs that makes mj grow and the 1 or 1s then degrade THC. light a plant with LEDs that only have the good light not the bad and off u go!

    we get amazing strenth weed, the goverment shits its self and reclasifies dope as a hard drug like coke or opuim.

    right im off to have a joint of janis joplin while i still can, i need to chill, im all stressed after the thought of that.

    oh lord wont u by me another hid light.......
  16. LEDS dont have enough lumens to do any good. i'm still talkin sound here. i'll make a program for a oscilscope and send it backwards througha speaker, and try to grow with that. but first i need to make a perfectly flat walled sound proof box.....

    *runs off to find notebook**

    scratches down some ideas*

    *laughs like a madman at the thought of an 1/8 gettin ya high daily for a year*



    :D ahaha

  17. Dunno if that is possible due to the fact that light has no mass, but on the otherhand, sound does..In a quantum mechanical picture, the energy of vibration of atoms or molecules is described by phonons. Phonons are a packet of energy that can be treated like a particle or basically mass. And also sound only travels at I"think" 650m/hr, while light travels at 126,000 m/sec, but what role this plays on growth I have no idea!!!

    And as for measuring light waves through a oscilloscope I do not know if that is possible.. If I remember correctly from my elect. class an oscilloscope only measures curren input/output.. I believe all you will get is a numeric value of the light, but then again I am prolly wrong, hehe.. Been way to long since I have played with the oscilloscope :p

    Hehe, just some scribble scramble bullshit I thought of!
  18. empty egg cartons on a wall will give you a good sound insulation...........Peace out..........Sid

  19. NASA use them in ther "growing in space" program.

    a LED gives off no heat converting ALL (or atleast over 99%) of the enegery it uses into light. yes u need a lot of them to grow but ppl r growing plants with them now, as we speak!

    the LEDs r mounted in printed circut board a few hundred at a time then the boards r placed around the plant.

    if u look at a LED in a dark room u will notice that it makes a beam of light much like a tourch so reflectors r not needed.

    LEDs r the next big thing in stelth growing waiting to happen.
    think about it, no heat problems, no huge electric bill.
  20. LEDs give off tons of heat, you get a few hundred of them things together and your looking at the equivilent of a 400w MH. and i mean to use the oscilliscope so precicly measure currents to a speaker, to get just the sounds that i want.:)

    my brain itches alot lately.

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