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  1. a friend of mine told me that it was possible to turn my lights out for the final week of flowering and i was wondering if it is any kind of a good idea or what the downside would be. Also i am planning on adding purple maxx and was wondering if with no light it will still have any effect
  2. i've heard about doing this but have no experience with it. the idea is that it makes the plant think it's basically armageddon and that it needs to super push to reproduce to save itself, but to me it just seems like robbing a week's worth of light energy. the plant is still alive so it should still take up nutrients. I think if it's a sensitive strain that blacking it out for a week may cause stress enough to make it hermie, i don't know for sure though. good luck!
  3. even if it did hermi it couldnt produce seeds that fast seems interesting
  4. that's true, but the whole point of putting it into darkness is to make the buds grow bigger, if it drops what it's doing and tries to make seeds, theres no point in the dark period in the first place, ya dig?
  5. well i took it easy this time around and went with shiva shanti :yummy: so im not worried about it herm'n on me. and i appreciate the input from everybody i still have a few days to make up my mind so if anybody has ever tried this before id love to hear a testimonial

  6. blacking out the plants for the last stage of flowering is NOT to make them produce seeds or reproduce or anything like that. It is an area of debate in growing, some people say it produces more bud, some say its an old wives tale.

  7. thank you this is basically what ive been looking for. its not soo much that im looking for some huge growth (although that would be awesome) im just hoping it doesnt end up killing my baby before i feel her times up. im going to continue rummaging through google
  8. the whole point in bud and the stickiness is so that the female can trap pollen and become impregnated, it's a survival thing. so blacking out the plants is to make them try harder, the harder the plant tries to get laid the bigger the buds are lol.
  9. Most of the stuff I've read says 24hrs of darkness before the final harvest can produce more trichomes. One whole week of darkness seems a bit much.
  10. i dont recommend

  11. if it did hermi i dont think by the time it made male pods it could open them up and pollinate quick enough and even produce any seeds. but if it were to hermi wouldnt it stop making buds and make male flowers?


    some one should to a test on this theory !!!!
  12. I read about this a few years ago and they way I understood it, the reason for 24 hours of darkness right before the big chop was to allow the plant an extra 12 hours to create fresh trichomes. The article mentioned that light breaks down THC. I have no proof, this is just what I read.
  13. I forgot which thread it was otherwise id link it, but the search bar is your friend if you care to look it up. someone was stating some info about anything over 14 hours of darkness is too much and does NO GOOD to the plants at all. if you take away light longer then that the plant would have no energy to produce anything.

    its an interesting read about light cycles/making them longer/shorter... some reliable info in there from some reputable members. might have the answer your looking for too
  14. I used this method on my last northern light grow under the impression it would induce extra trichome production. I don't know if any extra trichomes resulted but I do know it did NO harm to my girls. Everyone loved the smoke from that grow!!!!!
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    I have tried this at least 3 times. Honestly i cant say that i see a huge difference with 3 days of darkness at the end of the flowering cycle. You can tell the plants smell more and if you ask me giving them another flowering shock at the end probably does boost them a little. Tho maybe over 3 days might make a visible difference ;)

    NB: Giving them a 36 hours of darkness before you put them to 12h/12h will help your plants to flower faster. All the heads will turn yellow. What i do is feed it with B1 when i put them to darkness. Also making sure they wont have to be feed during the 36 hours. Never open the light even for 10 seconds during the darkness period ;)
  16. Light only brakes down THC once the plant is cut. Let your plants dry out in a dark room.
  17. AFAIK, light has only been shown to break down THC in-vitro - and that little fact gets stoned growers' panties all in a twist and they blow the significance of it all out of proportion.

    Think about it: is your plant just depleting it's THC reserves every light cycle then rebuilding them every night? I highly doubt it.

    IIRC, trichomes on a living plant actually do use light to produce THC. Taking the light away won't hurt your plants necessarily but you may as well just chop them earlier, imho.

    It may also invite mold. If you've seen a plant that's been light deprived, it's not a healthy sight.

    Stop trying to come up with crazy methods of "shocking" your plants into producing. If your boss punched you in the face, or clipped live electrodes to your testes, are you going to produce?

    Look around on the city. The guys who are consistently slinging the highest quantities of the prettiest bud aren't doing crazy shit like this.

    These gorgeous plants WANT to sling bud for you. Just focus on giving them what they want. Sheesh.
  18. i've found this thread quite interesting alot of mixed opinions, will be good to see how it turns out if you did it, However, i wouldn't want to stress my plants into doing things like this the whole point of indoor growing is to take what we know about outdoors and improve on it, this method seems completely against nature. the only piece of random information i can give tht 99% of people probably already know is that ur plant will go really dark green i left my plants for a while once and they grew above the light all the tops were an ugly dark green because of not getting any light.
  19. maybe try 4 hours of light and 20 dark? Then At least it will have a cycle that alternates between light and dark.
  20. well decided to go for only 3 days of dark and i am not sure if it was just producing what it would have anyway but the crystals seems to have extended much further. But the bud did happen to darken the slightest bit, but since this is for personal consumption i approve. i appriciate all the input but this was mainly because of the g20 going on in my city and they had alot of movement all around, and call me parinoid if you want but the way we learn is to try. Although the hairs seemed to have continued to change from white to brown even with no light if this helps anybody with a final decision.
    i know terrible picture but what can u expect from a phone

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