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  1. no,key,Boardjizzed,on,it,And,wont,work,wtf,serious
  2. looks like you only got the space bar,
    could be worse eh.

    on a side note,
    worst troll i've seen in a while..
  3. noo,im,Usin,char,mmap
  4. then,use,space,bar,peace
  5. A few years ago i broke the spacebar off my laptop because i was drunk and doing stupid drunk person shit, but, god damn, if you really did break your whole keyboard with your load, you should consider a job in the adult entertainment industry.
  6. Tbh,i,was,lookin,into,it,but,i,guess,shitty,pay,for,men,and,its,harder,to,get,noticed
  7. He would have to start with gay porn.
  8. Looks like your space bar does work.

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    Agreed :cool:

    Your not a very good one
  10. hahahhaha troll failed
  11. Why would somebody make up a story about blowing their load on their keyboard and breaking their spacebar.

    God, this isn't even worthy of being named a Troll.

    This dude is just lying straight up.
  12. ans what seems to be the problem?

    hahahaha im just messing OP
  13. I wasn't lieing you morons, im on the laptop now. Do you want pictures of my keyboard missing some keys i took out? Cause when i tried using it it was like ctrl was held down so i took it out.. And i even put it by a heat lamp to dry and dry up the jizz after cleaning it with a wet cloth and it melted it.

  14. lmfao.
  15. ImageShack Album - 5 images
    There is 5 pictures. Desktop which had my keyboard plugged into that jizz destroyed.
    Laptop pic, Pic of laptop with keys i took out of desktop keyboard laying on it, pic of keyboard with missings keys and burn from lamp and the burn pic shows the lamp. Thanks basement dwellers! Would you like pictures of my erect penis i took while jerkin my gerkin and sent to the bitch im taking to the movies tomorrow in my other thread? Ya suck mah balls.
  16. copy a space and every time u need a space just press "control+v"
  17. Should've licked it up.
  18. No when im hungry for my own jizz i masturbate upside down with my mouth open, im not going to lick jizz of a dirty keyboard.
  19. Here you go OP.

    Click Start Button > All Programs > Accessories > Accessabilities > On Screen Keyboard.

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