no joke...smoking weed with cops

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  1. Aight....story of the questions at all!

    end of term (last acedemic year) guys night out...go to the local club, and get SMASHED out our of my firends drove down, and was thinking of driving back after the club closed. so 5 drunk guys discussing who is gonna drive back....and 2 ladys tell us not to drive and go back home by foot or catch a cab....

    ...i ask her "with all due respect mam, what you are saying is right, but why do u interfere with what we are doing, if we are doing something wrong, i am sure the cops will be able to sort it out"

    she says...."me and my firends here are cops....well not cops right now, we are not on duty"

    ....well thats when all the questions started rolling to them one after another from all my firends.... ask her questions fucked up questions like ... "if someone randomly runs away from you will u run after them?" or "if one black guy beats up another because he is black, is that a racist attack?" "if a police car is speeding, can another police car give it a speeding ticket" well u know the shit that comes out just for the hell of it...

    ...then the big question "if i was smoking a spliff infront of u, and u were in uniform...wot would u do"...and the answer " .... "ask for a toke"

    HAHAHHA can u belive that...

    ...thats when a firend told me to ask them that we had some at home if they wanted to come around....i was really afraid of doing this...but thought yeah...wot the hell...worth a shot...something to tell grand kids about....

    so i asked them...and they agreed!!!!

    well they were not that hot.....mid 30's and we were all uni stidnets!!! but it was a incredible so STONEd...IT was of my firends dones not smoke he drank even more when we got home...and kept hitting on one of the of them actully had to tell them "take your hads off myy thighs"...and then he went for her ass


    wot a night!

    too bad i dont remember to many details....but thank got i got their pictures....and my phone now for some reason has the numbers of luteinant brown, and luetenant birtwhisle

    wot a night~!
  2. thats great!...Like they say "cops get the best weed".... I know Ive written in a thread in the past talking about this, but my parents work in a government field and they have an annual christmas party with a couple hundred government employees, many being cops, parole officers etc. And I remember when i was younger my friend and I would get paid by my parents to take peoples coats at the door, keep the beer stocked, clear trash out occasionally etc.

    Well it was around midnight and things were dying down, and My friend and I stared grabbinig the empty beer boxes and were crushing them and throwing hem in the garage. My parents always set the garage up to be used as a smoking room for the nicotine junkies, and so the smoke out there didn't seem odd at all..but then I noticed the side door that leads from the garage out to our backyard was cracked open. I walked over and went to shut it when I heard talking...I looked out and there were about 5 adults in a circle casually talking and smoking a joint. One of them was still in uniform, so it was obviouse they were the fuzz....later when i told my mom about it, she said 'oh yeah, they do that every year...we had to make them take it outside finally one year because they woud get too out of hand inside".....ive since met most of those people who i saw smoking that night and I know that other than the one uniformed officer, there were two other people who i know for a fact are cops..(well one is retired..but its still cool)....

    Around here people are really lenient about smoking bud. cops can drive by and see you smoking, and not care, they figure its just some harmless teens being dorks smokin up etc. and they have better things to do than waste their time on that... and I know that atleast around here, the police dont dislike the fact taht people moke pot..only the fact that since it is illegal those people are breaking a law.
  3. Cops are indeed great to have as allies. My best friend dated our town cop for a little over a year.......they have since broke up but at the time, it was wonderful. He actually let us in the room where they keep all the weed that they have taken and even let us take some home, along with some scales, hemostats, and other various objects that can't be mentioned. Plus, I have wonderful pictures of me with the chief of police hat on driving the cop car on my 22nd bday. I always keep those handy in case I need something to black mail him with since he's in all the pictures too. LOL. And I learned first hand that all the alcohol that is taken from people around here is drank by the cops because me and my best friend got picked up by some state troopers at the club in their cop car and had a helluva afterhours party. Dont get me wrong, some cops are evil (like the one that gave me my DUI) but they do know how to party.
  4. Nothin' new!

    Back in the 70s, a dude I knew, Corny from the Warlock Shop, had a cop as a "regular customer". One day, Corny got a frantic call from "his" cop- telling him he was about to get busted NOW! Cornie dumped his kilos into a suitcase, grabbed a change of clothes, and left minutes before the cops arrived! Corny headed for parts unknown for a few months, and returned after things had cooled down.

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  5. Pretty close situation there gran ~

    OP, keep those numbers close for the future! maybe one day you'll appreciate having their numbers when you're in a tight spot..
  6. I used to smoke with cops. One I met through mutual friends. Great guy. I still see him on occasion.
    Another was just a random party. We were outside smoking cigarets when the subject of weed came up. The owner of the house asked if anybody had any. I said hell yea let's smoke. He then showed me his badge said I was busted. Then he smiled and said just kidding let's smoke. I was 17 so I shat major bricks.
  7. ya once I got pulled over smoking a blunt and I was like "u wanna hit of this" and he was like "ya sure w/e....." and he fucking hit it then was like "Thanks!" and went back to his car and drove off. true story dood
  8. You are now aware that this thread is 9 years old

  9. man why in the hell would you gravedig a 9 year old thread?
    you must of been hella bored
  10. Notice the responses from 9 years ago until now
  11. Nice!

    I blew smoke at many cops at smokeout concert.
  12. Really?
  13. Haha. Okay. An older friend of mine, he's about 26 is a cop now. At another friends graduation party two kids got in a fight outside and he was the one who responded to the call by the neighbors. I open the door, see who it is. And at this point there's a good 50-75 people inside, and in the front yard combined. So I yell at the top of my lungs "RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU'VE SMOKED WEED WITH THAT COP!!!!" literally everyone but like 3 people raise their hands. Hahaha. It was great. He Left after telling the guys to not be assholes and what not. Comes back about an hour or two later in his street clothes with a metricfuckton of booze.
    Win? I believe so.
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  14. Owned yet again
  15. Lol my buddy delivered pizza to a cops house and he answered the door wearing a pot leaf t-shirt. I guess even cops get the munchies.
  16. I smoked with this guy that admitted to being an ex-cop, but I think he is still one. He was always sketchy, but I didn't pay it no mind. After I smoked with him, we talked a little bit, then he gave me a couple shots of tequila. I gave him my phone number, walked home, never saw him again.

    2 of his neighbors told me a couple weeks after that day that he was a cop.

    It's funny, because he totally droves a white Crown Vic; but it's definitely not a police cruiser. He has subwoofers in it and shit lol
  17. R u from Detroit, or just listen to a lot of Proof?
    I've never seen what spelled "wot" except from Proof.
  18. [quote name='"bp4er"']R u from Detroit, or just listen to a lot of Proof?
    I've never seen what spelled "wot" except from Proof.[/quote]

  19. Dude... that's a fucktonne of awesome!

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