No I didn't buy a 60"by90" bob marley tapestry!

Discussion in 'General' started by Albatros, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Ok maybe I did.

    That is all, thank you for your time. ^-^
  2. lol nice pickup

    i got the same one... (got it from spencers)

  3. It's not that expensive, you can pick it up for like 20 bucks...
  4. Yup. spencers. 20 bucks.

  5. Shit's freaken nice, and it's also hard to find from what I noticed man, mad props!
  6. now bob marley will watch you while you walk around naked and have sex. :hello:
  7. Awesome tapestry! Looks bigger than my dorm room. :)
  8. wear it as a cape.
  9. yes! Do it, do it!
  10. Damn thing is so long, you can't really wear it as a cape lol...
  11. That things pretty cool, I have some pretty big posters of him but none that big.
  12. The package it came it was so small. At first I thought I had been cheated. But after unfolding it and trying to completely unfold it onto my floor for viewing first, I realized that... I don't have any wall big enough for it. So I hung it in the doorway to the bedroom.
  13. RIght on man! I love it!

    I only have a few posters, but I have every marley CD! :)

    Peace, Pot & Microdot!
  14. Make a parachute out of this and jump off a porch. You won't! No balls!:p
  15. Jealously doesn't begin to describe what I'm feeling.
  16. Shit man, that's awesome. I would love staring at that while baked.
  17. I was really baked when I hung it up. I then started playing bob marley... really really loud. it just felt right.
  18. lmao can imagine :p
    that's amaaazing man <33

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