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No hookup threads. What about...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Joedahoe, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I know we don't tolerate hookup threads and what not but i was thinking... Could we maybe do a thread that allowed blades to post a state they were in ONLY

    And then other fellow blades could hangout ect... In that state?




    Then someone pms me, we talk, vibe. Then decide to meet if were close enough by?

    Hell if this got anywhere we could even start some pro mmj legalization rallying :D

    Just a thought and question for blades/mods

    Searched and didnt really find anything.

  2. You realize that there's a Location section in your profile, right?
  3. Lol yeah but i figured this would be a more "out there" approach.

    Cause lets face it not everyone is confident to meet a stranger theyve only known through the internet. But if you talk a while and have similar interest why not give it a try?

    A thread like this would be for ppl looking for a GC experience in person. Who VOLUNTARILY post their state on the thread who WANT to be pm'd
  4. This is how people get murdered.
  5. i'd be down to meet up with people near where i lived to smoke. it'd be a fun experience i think. make new friends and new hookups. i don't know about you, but i can never get enough of each. ahhah.

    so paranoid. haha. who's gonna murder me in a smoke circle. i'd doubt i'd meet them 1 on 1.
  6. I've matched with about 6 people on GC, I'm still alive, non of them were sketchy

    I took my precautions as usual and its all gravy

    of course do it at your own risk
  7. This WOULDNT be a hookup thread. It would be a "make a GC friend" thread.
  8. Thats why you can opt out my friend
  9. i know i'm aware. you'd just obviously be getting hookups too though.
    i know if i met up with a GC friend person and they had something i wanted and they were in my area. i'd ask them to hook it up. :)
  10. There are threads like that all the time. Having one big thread for it would get convoluted and messy, usually someone just makes a "Florida represent" kind of thread, people chat, mention where they're from in Florida, someone nearby is like "hey let's meet up!" and then they meet up and get raped. Err, I mean "hang out". :p
  11. I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about other people.
  12. Joedahoe, I'm in Tampa. Where are you near, brother?
  13. Yeah, but if its that obvious to everyone
    Mods will be against it.

    Lol at the "err, i mean hangout"
  14. Ehh didnt we see the one about the chick and her kid getting plane tics from a random "unnamed" gc member and that turned out fine?

    Were all weed smokers here.

    We all pass the piece pipe.

    Except for undercover cops.

    Dont bring weed till you see the scragly 19 year old with long hair.

  15. West palm beach bro. Hows it up there right now temp wise and weed wise :D
  16. #16 Axeman Bone, Jan 2, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2013
    Temp the last couple days has been alright, about 60-ish all day, but they say it's gonna warm back up soon.

    Really nice weed is hard to come by in my parts, but I get by on low end dank. :smoking:

    I bet you get all that nice Miami weed, huh?
  17. Pretty good weed always. But im starting up the grow again to make that GREAT weed :D

  18. Nice! sure wish I could grow, but it looks like it takes a lot of space and money, both of which are precious commodities right now. maybe someday though...
  19. You'd be surprised man. A cfl grow could cost under a 100 and get you a nice yield if done right.

    Heres something i ran across a couple days/weeks? Ago
  20. Yes were all stoners except for the murderer.

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