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No high anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viewfair, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hey I know this happens to a lot of people, but when I use to get high, it was amazing and made me feel out of the world, and would last 4 hours, now I don't get half of that feeling and it last 30 mins to an hour, what do I do? I don't want to go on a break, I don't think I could, and the fact of not smoking a joint sometime in the day would worry me :p:smoke:
  2. Unfortunately you don't have many options, the only thing I can really think of is to use a different smoking tool like a vaporizer or a gravity bong, you could also bake weed to make edibles, but of course even if you do try these options sooner or later you're tolerance will grow again and you won't get that high anymore. At that point you can either take a break or accept that those days are gone.
  3. I didn't want to hear that.. but I guess it's better that I heard the news from another Panda..:smoke:
  4. Just take the t-break. You'll miss it pretty bad the first day, but after that it really shouldn't be an issue. Holding off just 3-4 days is noticble for me, a week is pretty nice, and a month is like hitting the "reset" button.
  5. Yea dejava definitely has a point
    Just two weeks is like a good reset.

    But if you dont want to break that badly
    Try different strains. Different tools. Especially tinctures and edibles

    Good luck to ya.
  6. What is a tincture may I ask.
  7. A tincture is a mixture of weed activated in alcohol, sometimes used by spraying it on the inside of your cheek. Btw lol'd hard after that panda comment, hadn't even realised.

  8. Weed in alcohol, slow down malasis, what do I do? And yes, Pandas are wonderful, getting a tattoo of one soon.
  9. You let weed soak in very high proof alcohol, Everclear would work best if you can get your hands on it, and then you close the bottle and put it aside for a month. After a month the tincture is ready.
  10. It is scientifically proven that marijuana has an opposite effect when dealing with tolerance. The fact is, the more thc yourbody consumes, the easier it is for the body to get high. I have found this true to a certain extent.. I believe there is a point to which u do get higher faster but when u reach that point where u cant any faster then u start building a real tolerance. and the only thing you can do there is take time off of smoking for a little while. it sucks but it what you have to do.

  11. Well you could smoke the Danky Dank. Going to cost a little more, but i always look at it like this Quality over Quantity :hello:
  12. What then you smoke it? What does this do lol? Would rubbing Alchahol work, or do you mean beverage alchahol.
  13. switch to something other than a joint or take a break.
  14. go from reg to dro, switch it up with pipes,bongs,bubblers etc.

    or just go on a break.
  15. T-Breaks aren't even really worth it in my opinion. Yes those first couple times blazing after a few week or month t-break are awesome but your tolerance sky rockets back up so quickly that its not worth suffering during the t-break just for those couple awesome highs after...just my opinion on t-breaks though.

    OP it really sucks but you'll never get those original highs back ever...unless you stop smoking for a few years :(
  16. Just make firecrackers for a quick edible.. or use a gravity bong.. shit's intense
  17. use gravity bongs try to get hash and collect kief, and dont use edibles they dont get you high they give you more of a body high (imo)
  19. :hello::hello::hello:
  20. 1. Go on a break.
    2. Use a vape.
    3. Get better weed.

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