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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 12inchbong, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone. I got pulled over last night for my first damn time, and I was blazed as hell. I was driving my friends back to their car cause we were all hanging out and gettin stoned. Anyway, I was driving down mainstreet and I was in the left turn lane. Five seconds later a cop pulls up behind me and turns right as I turned. He turned on his flashers and pulled me over because I was driving my POS car without headlights (because they don't work). Anyway, two of my friends in the car had a considerable amount of bud on them, myself included. I played cool, but they flipped out and started eating their weed! I was yelling at them to stop eating it cause we wouldn't get searched. I was sweating bullets, cause I had my weed on me and my bong in the back. Luckily I only got a fix-it ticket for my damn headlights. Now I gotta spend more money on my car that I could be spending on bud...... damn cops.....

    Oh ya, it helps to have brothers on the fire department... :)
  2. Daaaaamnn thats fucked up dude.... Yeah it does suck you have to pay money for the new lights but at least you didn't get caught with the weed...
  3. How do you drive in the dark without headlights?
  4. I got pulled over one time for having one light burn't out. It sucked because i didn't even know about it.. It didn't look like anything was wrong with my one headlight working. He asked me registration and i opened up my gloveboxed with my digi's right on top..not very smart..haha...
  5. damn thats gay! stupid pigz!!!!!!
  6. How do you drive in the dark without headlights?

  7. It's not that hard if your in a city. I've taken off from somewhere before and not thought about turning on my lights for a minute..Does that make sany sense? need to eat and go to bed....
  8. yeah for a minute. then you realize "oh shit! i cant see. its too dark"
  9. Not trying to sound like an arse or anything but does'nt not having headlights and carrying at the same time seem a little bit like asking for it?

    Glad you escaped!
  10. yea man why were you driving without lights that is a sure way to get pulled
  11. it can be fun though. driving with headlights off. if there is enough moonlight. brings back memories...

  12. It's weird to drive at night when there's fog everywhere. We had been smoking PCP dipped has earlier and where quite far out there and listened to Spiritual Beggars ad astra (very mellow 70s prog infulenced music) and we came to this country road, it was about 3 in the night and there were no other cars and we came to a spot where there's a lot of empty fields on both sides of the road and there was thick mist below the surface of the road and it seemed like we were floating on the air!
  13. Sweet! When ever it snows round here we pile into my buds car and go 'snow-plowing' across the moor, Basically driving down tiny little lanes and having a smoke whenever we get stuck.One time we were in a front wheel drive so half of us sat on the bonnet (Hood?) while we were going along. Very chilled. Also travelled fifteen miles on ther roof of a car doing 50mph. Very stupid!

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