no funds to support the habbit

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  1. this is beginning to become bullshit! i guess its time for a t break huh? last week, my check was for 31$.. the week before that? 45$... the week before that wasnt that bad, $140 but still. its either im buying mids or im not smoking.. so i guess im not smoking lol. anyone else currently on a t break? what do you do to pass time??
  2. I am. started today. to pass my time, I cleaned my living, have some studies to do etc... and I probably have to quit for longer time now, because I wanna keep my cash for the summer. I think passing the time is not a problem... the problem I find, while being without weed, is for example concentrating problems, problems with sleep, being nervous all the time etc... but I am sure it will pass after a week, or 2.
  3. Give blood and you'll have weed money, you can sell sperm too and old video games and stuff on craiglist lol most people I know get dogs for free on craiglist and then sell them back on there lol but giving blood will give you a steady 200 a month for donating twice a week you don't donate the blood only the plasma
  4. The first 3 days of a t break are the worst just find a nice hobby or something to pass the time. After that you should be totally fine
  5. yeah i donated blood the other day and they gave me nothing but a t shirt lol.. ive been thinking of selling shit because i have a bunch of skis and boots and clothes and other gear lol but im just ehh, lazy lol. i think ill clean my room now and get together shit to sell, but i still need to take a tolerance break, because when i smoke now im only high for like 30 minutes, and its weeeak lol
  6. Where the hell do you donate blood? It's illegal for the red cross to pay you for blood.
  7. 140? thats fucking horrible. 35? lol how do you eat, or even have a place to live.

    I spend more shopping then you make in a paycheck.

  8. Not in america my friend
  9. yeah, i work out somewhat so i have a feeling that im gonna work out a lot more often now lol :hello:

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  10. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']
    Where the hell do you donate blood? It's illegal for the red cross to pay you for blood.[/quote]

    I meant plasma....but around here we have places were you can donate blood for like 80 dollars
  11. well im still in high school, and thats a weekend job. but isnt it fucking horrible? its so hard to save money up when you get one fucking shift a week.
  12. I only smoke on the weekends and my tolerance goes way down in those 5 days that I don't smoke
  13. yeah, the closest place to donate plasma is around 80 mi away from me haha. so ill take a haul there every so often and get my paaaaaaaaaaaayyyypa up
  14. HAHAHahahahahahahaha :hello:
  15. Well hey, you know it's the truth :D

  16. Doing workout really helps. :) I for example go to gym for years now and its my everyday hobby, well not everyday but mostly... and its part of my life, and it really helps me, when I wanna take a T-break. I think its the best thing to do ever... if u wanna take a t-break :)

  17. yeah it is the truth :\

    :smoke: <-- cigarette
  18. Be worried about surviving. You don't NEED weed.
  19. whatever you say james franco

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