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  1. Well guys, I just got a tip from a cop I know.

    He told me that as of Feb or so, over 60 indictments are going out in WV and over 100 in VA, for Marijuana possession, distribution and public usage.

    I am pretty pissed now, because last year (08) around the same time, a bunch of my buddy's (not anymore), were pinched and then mysteriously freed, now supposedly they work for NARC.

    This sucks, you dont know who to trust anymore, last year I was followed by NARC for over 6 months because my ex friends turned.

    Any advice?
  2. fake your own death obviously...
  3. Watch your back.
    Don't let anyone know too much.
    Trust few.
    Don't possess a felony amount in your state.

    Continue to live. Don't let this shit scare you out of smoking.
    It will blow over.
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    lol, Yeah that would work, sadly I am too in debt to pull off a stunt like that. I was thinking of not talking to anyone about anything come the end of FEB, and just grow my own.

    EDIT:: Tee,

    Yeah, I dont plan on quiting, I do plan on only having like one friend I hang out with. I have known him for almost 3 years since I moved here, so I know he is Clean, we have ran from cops a bunch of times, and done more Illegal shit together.
  5. ^what he said
  6. I love wv, My city population =60,000+
    max number of police cruisers at any given time=8

    You really dont have to worry about gettin busted for weed, unless your just a complete idiot

  7. That must be nice.

    The city I grew up near has a population of 10,000 and about sixty state, local and county officers who are always planning another bust. :rolleyes:
  8. Im in the eastern panhandle, like 25 miles from VA.

    The cop to population ratio is like 4/10 here, maybe more. I cant make one trip to town without passing like 3 cops, granted Town is only 7 miles.
  9. *Nods head in agreement*
  10. thats BS man. i know how that shit goes. narcs are everywhere in my town. its only 14,000 people, yet the PD will put a wire on a kid for a dime bag sting in attempts to find peoples "higher ups". no lie.
  11. Yeah, a couple of them were buddies of mine. One got busted and dissapeared for 3 months, all of a sudden I saw him near my buddys house when I was staying there for a week, he walked up and said "Do you have any weed man?" right there I knew he was a Informant, he never smoked really. I replied no, then he said "You wanna buy some?" I just replied, "Dude, I quit smoking a while back, I am out of that faze".

    He was a cool kid, now he is an Informant.
  12. shit foxracing500r contact ur congressmen and tell them wht u really think about it.
  13. Sorry to ask this dumb question, but what's an Informant?
  14. They let NARC know who is moving what, and who is buying or selling what.
  15. turn on your tv.
  16. yeh well my city has terrible leadership, a hprrible crack problem.....very few businesses left, they have actually been laying off police. it's not a good thing really
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    Damn, there's no excuse to narc but maybe your friends were looking at a long stretch of jail time for distribution or something.

    Its unfortunate seeing people getting busted for such a harmless substance, drugs are not going to just disappear by arresting people. The drug war is a failure.

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