No friends?

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  1. For the first semester of my senior year of high school I never hung out with anybody outside of school. Its amazing what smoking reefer did for my social life.
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    ive been a loner my whole life and its true man you cant trust anybody but it all depends on how you look at it before it got me really deppressed but once i saw how people today are so dependent on others for everything from changing their oil to emotional support i realized its much better to be self dependent that way no one can fuck you over and your mentally stronger for it they fucked you over so fuck them you dont need em
  3. My closet friend is my wife, other than that my cat is my best and closest friend. I have found that people change, grow and adapt and things only last so long. Overall it is not so bad, I believe that caring about too many people makes you weak, or vunerable. I kinda live by the jedi code for that aspect.
  4. i was one of teh popular guys at school and uni.. then after graduating we all split. I know the rest of my 'old friends' are in touch, but i just drifted.. im just lonley. I guess its ok though and sine then i have nobody i call a friend. Just people who i know but cant trust and wont lend money too.
  5. i have some good homies. honestly no true best friends that i can tell everything to. but im part of a large tight group. probably 40 or so kids that all chill with each other and party together and blaze it crazy. i find that my closets confidants are usually my girlfriends. like shes the one im with day in and day out and its the same for a good portion of my friends.

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