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  1. "Friends come and go like Dro in the wind", don't worry about it too much, friends/money/women.. none of that shit really makes you happy, people just think it does for some reason so they spend all their time wishing/wanting shit and when they get it they realize it aint shit, happiness comes from within, just BE happy and everything else will be alright. :smoke::smoke:

  2. I just gotta say, that just ain't true for everyone.

    I think I feel like a lot of people in here. I don't have many close friends, and I feel too mature for my peers. By close friends, I mean people you'll tell things that you might otherwise only utter under the cover of anonymity. People you can just be yourself around. Not have to hold back. Say and do what you want and be respected for it. No hate.

    I just spent a weekend with 3 real close friends, playing paintball and hanging out. It really did make me happy, and it was something I couldn't have done myself. It may not be true for everyone, and I know this because I do like to do a lot of things myself. I'm often alone and I'm used to it, but being social really does make people truly happy and it's something I seek out. It's hard to find though.
  3. I don't understand the analogy that you can't trust anybody. Fair enough humans are very complex and are extremely hard to know fully, if not impossible but I have a close group of friends I chill with all the time and I can trust them. I completely trust them eg. if I told them something I didnt want anyone else to know, I could be sure that they wouldnt tell anyone...

    Maybe people who cant trust anyone have never had a true friend
  4. I don't have any friends right now. When I look on facebook or whatever and see everyone out together partying having a good time etc. makes me wish I had friends to do the same with.

    i've never really had many friends. something I enjoy it. friends take a lot of your time and right now i have more important goals liek getting into lawschool and studying for my lsat.

    I just need to find friends that have similar goals as me.

    it's always good to have a true friend.
  5. I think you might have misunderstood a bit, yes those experiences and fun times you had with those people made you happy for the time that it lasted but as soon as that all fades away into a memory then where will your source of happiness stem from? Your friends can't be around you 24/7 to make sure you're happy all the time, it something that comes from within.
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    >> seriously, more often than not , people piss me off.

    << I abstain from interactions with them for this reason
  7. only person i could ever call my best friend died, ever since then anyone that i gave trust did me my life motto is FUCK THE WORLD...dont have any true friends and its better that way
  8. [quote name='Vato805']only person i could ever call my best friend died, ever since then anyone that i gave trust did me my life motto is FUCK THE WORLD...dont have any true friends and its better that way

    Yeah I feel that.

    Once your tru's are gone your the last one left.
  9. ditto only "friends" i have are the co-workers at my job. I had two good friends but we all dont hangout like we use to. family split apart after my mom passed away. Everyday is a blessing tho with or without "friends"
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    Im actually in the fortunate position to have two really close friends and a whole clusterfuck of boys to kick it and share life with. Its an amazingly good support structure for everyone.

    EDIT: After reading through the rest of this thread I have to say Im quite surprised. Theres a lot more 'lone wolf' types than I anticipated. It is the internet I guess.

    I understand the cautious nature of weeding out true friendships from good acquaintances but I think people underestimate the benefits that come from close relationships. Besides, it doesnt hurt to have people on your side, even if you keep them at arms distance. Keep the people that are good to you, remove the others from your life.
  11. I wouldn't really call him my friend but i chill and blaze with him, not like regularly though.

    I'm friends with my main dealer

    besides that I don't really like anyone in my town:(, just dont feel like i can get close to anyone, I dont know man:/

  12. I sorta get what you mean, and its correct that friends are not around all the time. Still, friends make us happy. A lot of times, if I am doing something, and I don't think while I'm doing it "this is absolutely great, I love doing this", I use my desire to go and do it again when I'm not doing it as a judge of how much I like it. Going by that, I really like genuine hanging out with friends.

    I do a lot of things on my own. But I still long for doing some of those things with someone else.
  13. My only 'real' friends are my family, and specifically my cousins.
  14. I have plenty of acquaintances but id say I have only a few true friends right now. I have problems trusting people, theres a lot of fake people in my town. I guess a lot of people would prefer to steal and lie to you for money and drugs then just be straight up. Im not a loner or anything but damn, some people suck.
  15. I did the whole not having any close friends, and not caring throughout high-school. It wasn't so much that I didn't care more that I've never had a true friend all my life so I never knew what it was like... to be honest, though, ever since then I've been really wanting someone who's there for me, and whatnot... I've done the alone thing long enough.
  16. Most of my friends have fucked me over and are assholes :/
    I kinda don't care, i've been hanging with girls :D
  17. I have a few close friends that I've known practically my entire life. Over the years of course we've drifted but for the most part we meet up over holidays and hang out still. I had a great friendship with another person that I considered a close friend throughout high school but he got arrested for cocaine and things seemed to go downhill from there so I don't really talk to him much.

    Sometimes I wish a had a closer friend that I could hang out with on a regular basis but I'm not really too conflicted over it.
  18. This.
    I think about it tho, and part of the reason why some friends fucked me over is cause I used to be an asshole. When I used to run the game in town I was an asshole, now that I quit I generally have become more nice and caring, and just more of a friend in general. I mean, to my close friends a half-o was really $10. Which I thought was nice? But apparently not nice enough...

    I just miss partying everyday with a group of close friends. Smoking fat blunts and munchin out. Playin GTA4 kayed out of my mind with everybody just enjoyin the shit out of life.

  19. In my mind i have 1 person ill call a friend but i do have 50-70 people i talk to and have conversations with. 5-15 people i chill with on a daily/weekend baisis and they are what most people call friends.

    But in my mind a friend is someone who never turns there back on you, someone that will back you up, someone that when the time comes they are ready to put in work. But those 5-15 people will back me up in alot of situations and were close. And they call me there friend.

    So by my standards i really only have 1 person i can call a friend.And plus i like being alone alot.
  20. "I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity." -AE

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