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  1. Does anyone have no really close friends but just don't care?
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    I hang out and know quite alot of people in my area but I wouldn't say we're friends. If I consider the real true meaning of friendship, no. I have one friend for sure but he lives thirteen thousand miles away :/. I don't mind though :)
  3. I feel that. I used to be in a situation like that but i ended it cus i felt it was pointless
  4. Used to have a good group, or so i thought. When i had depression i never heard from them again. But now back at college, so hopefully i can get to know some people.
    But to be honest, i do prefer being alone. Im just like that :smoke:
  5. Yup. Seems like all my close friends either got married and had babies and dropped off the face of the earth, or just turned into people I no longer wanted to associate myself with. Its been like that for over a year..Im finding myself starting to care a little bit though...
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    I don't think I'll ever have someone which I'd actually call friend and if that were the case then they would be a brother or sister to me. I think the term friend is just a nice way of saying a person you're acquainted with. People want to think its much more than that but its always never the case. The amount of respect given between friends however is the coalescence that keeps the bond strong
  7. Nope. I just moved to a new city and I have met any friends yet. You would think it would be easy at most schools but here it isnt at all. I live in an apartment so there is no "open door" dorm type environment, and I havent met too many people in classes yet. Plus not being able to go out to bars on the weekends sucks, then again, I dont have any friends to go with even if I were of age. I guess all I can do is just keep on truckin though...
  8. I know I have a few good friends who've been through a ton of tough shit in the past 10+ years. Only one always ended up having my back and same his. But now I live 300 miles away so we don't get to hangout nearly as much as I'd like.

    Up here in college I know tons of people who I smoked with, take classes with, etc but no one I'd consider a friend. I miss my friends but I don't really dislike the fact that I don't have any real friends up here.
  9. Not many where I'm at. I miss my folks back home. I care because I know there are some genuine people out here I just can't seem to find many.
  10. Ive never had a real friend. Only acquantances. People cant be trusted 100%. I cant even trust myself because my brain is prone to glitches and annomalies just like every other person. I cant even take a step down the stairs without full certainty that my foot is in line to land on the next step. I cant trust myself.
  11. I had like two real friends, but stopped haning out with them and all my friends because they always need a rider or some shit,

    life is more simple with out friends/going out - School/Work/Eat/Sleep
  12. all my friends seem to have vanished along time ago
  13. i have no friends, simply fanboys who follow me around in a cloud of excitement Followed by me smoking them out in order to lose their trail.:smoke:
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    I don't. I used to. At one point, I was even popular. Then rumors started and I lost all of the people who were my "friends". Nothing was ever the same after that day. They said some really hurtful stuff that I never fully got over. I don't know if I ever will. Since then any person I put too much trust in, has let me down and fucked me over. Now I just keep to myself. I try to be social, but my past has given me a kind of social awkwardness. The couple friends I had in high school, ended up fucking me over the most. I spent my summer with my sig. other and his friends.
    Came to college hoping for things to be different, but I got really sick the first week. Talk about ways to alienate yourself. By the time people stopped labeling me as the sick girl they had already formed their little groups, and I was left alone.
    Which is where I am today.
    I tell myself I don't care, but in all reality. It hurts.
  15. I moved a while back ago and I literally have no fucking friends. It sucks so much ass. Its actually pretty depressing.
  16. Yep. As far back as I can remember, I've always had that one friend that I was close to, hung around all the time, etc. Now that high school is done with, I literally with no one. I'd say about 90% of me likes it that way, but I just really wish I could find some chill, genuine people to hang with. Around here, that's impossible because I live in a somewhat ghetto area, so genuine people are hard to come by. Hopefully I can go to college elsewhere so I can meet some people. If people would just accept me for who I am, I wouldn't have a problem. I can hang with the bitchiest, saddest person ever and still not give a damn, but that's just who I am. I like people for who they are.
  17. Zero close friends... I'm the definition of a loner. I'm not even close with my family.
  18. Man if you don't have any close friends then its gonna suck when you get older :\ who you gonna reminisce with all those good times? :rolleyes:
  19. i have very few good friends...i love being alone actually, but i do wish i had a femail companion. ive only had 1 that has understood me and we were perfect. moving out of my hometown in a few months and will not know a soul. see what happens i guess...mmaking friends after college is difficult bc many of your friends either move away, get married or have kids and life takes over..

  20. That's a little overrated. I mean, I understand how that's important to have memories go back on, but if you don't, it's not the end if the world. The present is just as good :D

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