No Free Speech or Expression in Egypt's Constitution

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  1. I guess those things weren't included in the new constitution. :rolleyes:

    Any person who doesn't like being mocked or made fun of should not become involved in politics. Geez. :rolleyes:

    Egypt cracks down on satirists and media - Middle East - Al Jazeera English


  2. What the fuck did you expect from those fuckers? Freedom? Those fuckheads can't even spell freedom.
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    What the crap are you rambling on about? Who are "those fuckers"?

    How is it any surprise that these people, whom have been regularly fucked with for multiple decades by outside sources, are reverting back to fundamental style governments once these political vacuums are created.

    Morsi is sketchy as balls! Taking loans from IMF and his mulsim brotherhood shenanigans etc.
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    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Well, he's an Islamist and Mubarak really wasn't, but other than that...

    As long as he upholds the Camp David Accords and follows the IMF's orders, the US is going to support Morsi until the end. The State Department will probably periodically issue empty statements saying Morsi should respect the rights of minority groups and allow for peaceful protests and they'll condemn his forceful crackdowns on dissent and shit like that, but as long as he stays out of Israel's way, the US really gives no fucks what he wants to do.

    Remember when Hillary said "I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family"?

    Recall that Made in the USA tear gas was being unleashed upon Egyptian protesters.


    Also, who says nothing is made in America anymore? We're the world's arms dealer.

    relevant political cartoon:

  5. Morsi must look up to Abraham Lincoln.

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