no flower yet! D:

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  1. i had this plant for 6 months now,and no flower or anything,im using miracle grow, and the leaves are turning crispy brownish,looks weird


    what is this shit? medical? if it is.....who wants a free plant! lets ebay! :)

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  2. Crispy brown sounds like a nute burn... why are you using miracle grow anyways?
  3. flush flush flush!!. go get something wonderful for her.
    she looks well, so do her well.
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    Yep flush it ASAP. You have nute lock out. Flush with 25 gallons of water thru your plant. This will wash out all the salts.

    How much water do you give the plant per watering?
  5. i just giveit water,it has no holes,ill make some holes then,my swiss chesse has the same proplem,thnks!

    and im using miracle grow for experiment
  6. ugh i felll like restarting :/
  7. look, you need great drainage.
    && Miricle or w.e is useless and ur going to smoke straight chemical.
  8. eww fuck that then thnks! but dmn only if my backyard wasnt full of cement -.-
  9. flush those beasts on the cement, who the f cares
  10. or put ur pots ... up in the air. and got get a Bush doctor sludgehammer flush. then feed her some foxfarm. Foxfarm is just so nice cause its dependible to bring ur plants back from some F'd up thing u gave them haha.
  11. Bad case of necrosis...stop giving nutes before it's too late..
    that plant is older than my monkeys uncle and looks like it's been through rough wars :(
  12. really? she looks like she could be saved.. but slammed bra. all that energy you were doin for nothin. slammed then

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