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Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Thenewgrower42, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I have read about this no fap thing all over the internet. Everybodies saying it really gives you more energy, you talk to girls alot more, and you just lose all self conscience. So today is Day 1. Yall should read up on it and join me. And while your at it post a pic to motivate or remind us of our goal: TO NOT FAP!!!!!

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  2. Nice i'm in... i changed my mind i'm just gonna pass on this one.

  3. Lol come on join the movement
  4. Fuck it man all try it atleast until new years or something
  5. i dunno man....

    i just don't know

    what your asking is like asking a bird not to fly
  6. No thank you, Masturbating is my second favorite sexual activity! So thanks but no thanks. You enjoy having giant uncomfortable blue balls and waking up with your Johnson screaming at you nuts "shut up it's not my fault"
  7. this sounds insane. honestly, i've gone like one week max and by the 7th day i was so fucking horny it was unbelievable.
  8. Ya i quit 3 weeks ago cold turkey and have definitely felt way way better. I was going buck though, first thing I would do when I was alone is jerk it..
  9. thats what sex is for...
  10. I'm master of my domain....
  11. I've gone close to 6 weeks with no fap. Best time of my life. I fapped at least once a day since I was like 12, just cause I can. Nofap gave me confidence, energy, focus. Although naturally and psychologically a pessimist, I started thinking a little more positive. Throw in exercise and you will feel like a GOD. I wanted to go to the gym and use every machine to the point of breaking it. Performance was obviously a lot better, since all that extra energy gave a good boost. Sadly I started to fap again, and fucked up my "mojo," you know, with porn being easily accessible and shit.

    Well, I start again tomorrow. Wanna feel good meng.

  12. Motherfuckin yes. Surprised it took this long in the thread for that to be said.
  13. I might try this.

    I also most very likely might not.
  14. I won't jack off. But I have sex with my GF on average 1-2 times a day so this shouldn't be TOO difficult. Although on days I don't see her I tend to beat the meat.
  15. there's no way im not fapping lol
  16. Awww. So noones joining to be a nofapstronaut?
  17. as much as I hate to do it, im gonna stop fapping, fuck it, rather run after girls or try to get pussy, than stay at home and fap alone, so im onboard to.
  18. I'm in. Been a few days anyways.

    How long is this going for?

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