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Discussion in 'Politics' started by jesser509, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I'm in high school and we've been studying things like black rights and gay rights and such. Does anyone else just not really give a shit if gays wanna get married or things like that. Like how does it affect anyone else what they do is their decision. Just wanted to rant. Discuss

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  2. Personally, I do not give a shit when anyone gets married. Gay, straight, or otherwise.
  3. thank you like seriously why the fuck do people care.

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  4. People care because they think their ideals are the best and should be forced on everyone. It's like they think they're doing a good thing by being intolerant.
  5. ^ what he said
  6. I don't care if it's them doing it, I do care that I have a family with small children and I'd prefer they not see that.

    It just goes to show societal evolution, 50 years ago interracial couples were taboo, that became accepted. Now it's gays, what's next? Marrying animals?

    It just makes me unsure of the future I guess.. :mellow:
  7. Yes, I'm sure marrying animals is the next logical step...

    It's pretty much the apocalypse now that gay marriage is being accepted socially. Amirite?
  8. i have no problem with it at all. i think people should be able to do as they please aslong as its not hurting anyone else.
    although i do see where some people are coming from tho, not wanting it to be called marraige cause thats a religous thing between a man and a woman, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. just call it something else but with the same legal rights n shit and everyone can stop crying and be happy.
  9. The government has no right to say who can and who cannot get married. Consenting adults should form whatever voluntary contracts they wish and call it whatever they want. 
  10. I understand if you get married at a religious institution and they only marry certain people, however religion does not have a monopoly on the word marriage, or any other word.
  11. no i know, im not defending it at all, i just see their point of view and somwhat reasoning because the idea of marraige comes from religion does it not?
  12. I do not see their point. I only see their point if the religious institution wants to unionize certain people and call that marriage, but they can't pretend like they have a monopoly on a word or an action. Religion historically is a religious institution, however religion is not a necessary component of marriage. My parents did not have a religious, or even formal wedding at all. 
  13. in the end, i really dont have anything againts a gay person, some are nice, some are dicks...alot seem mad at the world tho. but they still the same as a regular person(lol)
    i always tought that marriage was between a man and a women.
    more important it is a pact made to each other, not to anyone else.
    i dont think the goverment should get involved. i dont think you need a peice of paper saying you are "married"
    sadly married people get more things, like a tax break, better insurance, community property, and little things like that
    and this is why i think gay people want marriage. so they can get the same benifits a man and a women get when they "legaly commit to each other"
    if it was really about loving each other, then they wouldnt care about having legally reconition. when you really love someone, you dont care about all that shit.  its all about the money
  14. ok. well if you really fail to see the othe side of the coin and where a different humans beings feelings and view points come from then thats on you. good day sir.
    Oh I get it, it's funny because you can't see his point of view......... oh wait, you're not joking...... carry on.
  16. Why would you have faith in a country run and inhabited by a bunch of ignorant cunts? lol
  17. I thought my post was pretty clear in explaining how I felt about religious institutions being able to marry certain people, in this case straight couples, if they so chose. I was also pretty explicit in my acknowledgement of marriage being historically a religious institution. What is the big deal here? I understand a lot of religions want to lay claim to the word marriage, and have it defined a certain way. I am just saying that it is simply invalid. Also, not all religions are against homosexuality/gay marriages so the point is even more invalid. "Just call it something else" is pretentious.
  18. People care because there is government involvement in marriage.
  19. The black rights have been achived through Obama's election. African Americans should shut up about black rights now.I think what mainstream hetro Americans are afraid of, is Our constitution being changed, and how we will look in the eyes of the world if we recognise same sex marriage. I say we give them the benefits without marriage. Create some kind of loophole for them
    This country's foriegn policy in the mid east is for shit though.
    We are all slaves to the almighty dollar.
  20. Couldn't agree more, but be careful one statement like that and certain ones in this thread will label that hate speech.

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