No End to New Growth?

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  1. Hi Forum,

    I love you guys. Especially the old timers, who shuck out free, invaluable advice like they were so many peanut shells.

    I am a first time grower, just in to the 7th week of flowering, eager to make it to harvest. Could some good body out there tell me when new growth ends? It seems to me that my plant just keeps on gong and going, even though I should be harvesting any day now. The following picture shows my top bud with new stuff just popping off it.
    Does new growth stop around harvest time, or at least slow down?


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  2. I'm sure it will keep growing till you give it the chop, once the trichs are to you're taste its harvest time!
  3. Well to me that looks like a sativa and may only be halfway through flowering so they'll keep growing a little bit.
  4. ok buddy:)

    looking good mate. foxtails where little strands of bud seem to shoot out the main buds is perfectly normal

    your plant will put at least a 1/4+ of its overall weight on in its last 2 weeks or more, fattening up ,so thats nothing to worry about bro;)..patience is a virtue & rewarding:)

    also its looking mighty close to harvest time, your leaves are yellowing up meaning its getting starved of nutes & using what nutes it has left...perfect:)

    im assuming you've flushed it & just feeding plain water till harvest time,which looking at it is very soon.

    well done mate, 1st grow under your belt plus that great feeling of smoking YOUR own homegrown bud.:D

    peace & nice1:smoking:
  5. Thanks!!
    Yes, I have flushed it, but I was thinking about throwing in a very light dose of Monster Bloom if I have more than a week left till harvest. The trichs are all cloudy, no ambers that I can tell......hmmmm. Not sure if it could all turn on me in less than a week (I'm shooting for 50/50 cloudy/amber).

    I guess there is a chance I under fertilized her throughout this grow......I gave her very little ferts.

    At any rate, whatever happens at this point I will be pretty satisfied with the smoke I get off her.....maybe 1 ounce.

    You guys rock.
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    tht gahneshas dream?? the plant
  7. Good guess. It's BC Bud's Purps. One female out of 7 seeds. :( But all the males showed heavy indica phenos, so I don't know. I'll see what happens next generation with my seeds. :cool:

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