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  1. It seems that whenever I smoke and go to bed at night I have no dreams. But when I go to sleep sober after not smoking for a few days I have the most realistic dreams and when I wake up it takes me a minute to realize whats real. The other day I didn't smoke and I had the craziest dream of the zombie apocalypse happening and when I woke up I remembered almost every detail of the dream. I have been smoking atleast once or twice a day for a year straight now. Does this ever happen to any of you?

  2. When you have THC in your system, you're mind doesn't go into REM sleep like it should. Something along those lines. Feel free to correct me
  3. You always dream. You dont always remember them.
  4. ^^ he is correct, we always have dreams, it just depends on whether we remember them or not
  5. THC inhibits your ability to remember your dreams
  6. i always believed that but ive been smoking twice a day for a month and i still have intense dreams and i can remember them and everything
  7. yeah i usually vape before sleeping and it works great with dreams.
  8. Well since the herb effects our memory it would only make sense to me you're forgetting your dreams. They're hard to remember already! Most people forget most of their dreams even when they aren't smoking.

    Some people can still remember.. For me it's back and forth.
  9. lol naw man, try smoking like 1-2 hours before going to bed. watch a movie or something and the dreams are freakin pleasurable.
  10. I never said I don't remember my dreams.. lol.. Actually, I said it was back in forth for me.. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't regardless if I'm stoned or if I watched a movie before I go to sleep, lol :laughing:
  11. wait for osg to tlak about this
  12. The reason you don't remember some dreams is because you aren't paying attention during the dreams. It's similar to when you take a shower and you can't remember if you shampooed your hair. You're so used to dreaming that it's something you don't have to try in order to do. That's why lucid dreaming guides suggest that you write your dreams down when you wake up. It lets your subconscious know that you're interested in your dreams and that you are actively trying to remember them.

    I can't remember where but I remember reading that a lot of dream recall depends on when you wake up. If you wake up during/right after REM sleep, you're more likely to remember the dream. Also, staying still after waking up will help you remember your dream. For some reason, moving right after waking up distracts you from the dream and makes it really hard to remember it.
  13. Yeah when you go to bed high you never have dreams. I only have them when I dont smoke which is why I like not smoking certain days too :)
  14. Nice info man.

    Have you ever experienced a lucid dream? I have one like once a week and can stay asleep for a long time while remaining lucid. It's some of the craziest shit I've ever experienced! :eek:
  15. I have more vivid dreams when I smoke right before bed. The most vivid dreams I ever get is if I sleep in late like after a night of smoking and maybe drinking. I've had dreams during that period of getting up and going about my day that were so vividly realistic, than when I really woke up I have to figure out what I really did and didn't do :)
  16. ^ same for me
    the most vivid dreams I've ever remembered, were after a good before-bed-sesh.
    however it's not consistent, sometimes i will remember sometimes I wont
  17. My slightly retarded friends belive in a sleeper bowl. Its supposto give you awesome dreams. I say its a waste of weed:confused:

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