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No Dont change the Environment !!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CoolAidWrap, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Hey gc i gota question for ya so enuff ramblin here it comes . For the past few months when i get high ,and change environments my high goes away pretty fast , ushly in 10 minutes . For example , last night after work me and my buds got baked out at a pond in nature . Then when i got home (still baked ) , turned the tv on and the lights , It seemd like all the unatural light and the noise from the tv took my high away .And it would be the same if i got high in my house and went out in nature . Has anybody else experienced this ?? i find it fuckin annoying lol thanks guys :eek:
  2. i notice this as well. for example when i take the bus into the city high, when i get off i dont feel as high as i should. but i dont think that moving away from a place such as ur home to nature would affect ur high as much because a pond at night is much trippier than ur home
  3. Its probably just the time it takes to move to a diffrent setting.
  4. I like to go outside at 3-4am up to the pool and smoke some bowls out of the steam roller, because sucking in the nice night air after a hot cloud of smoke feels pretty nice to me. And i'll start tripping.. street lamps like a mile away look like bright stars and in the distance i can hear the noise of the tires on the interstate but it doesnt sound like that when im high, it sounds like an errie moaning noise. I'll stay out there for about an hour smoking and when i get back in i'll turn on the lights to find my drink then myspace/WoW/BattleField2 for about 5-10 minutes my high feels instantly zapped from my body :(
  5. i find this too!
    in fact, i was blazing in my car parked in the garage last night, listening to music in pitch black and just being real high and shit. as soon as i left that spot, 30 mins after smoking, i just started to come down, but i know if i sat there longer like i have in the past, id have been the same.

    i definaetly think there is a degree of truth to moving places affecting your high. when im on shrooms, if im tripping in the dark or in low light, a bright light ends my trip til its dark again. but only in the dark, it doesnt work the other way around.
  6. its nice im not the only one that does this :D . and no it only took about 2 minutes from the pond to my house so time wasnt the problem . guess we all just gota stay put lol
  7. Setting is well known for making differences in highs, espcially trips. I have heard that generally you feel higher when u smoke in different spots because you are not familiar with it, tho people we gta remember that this may just be ur tolerance shortening ur high.
  8. i dont find this, infact when its cold out and i come inside after a nice blaze it makes it 10x better.
  9. This happens to me as well. Ill get ripped with a friend in my house and then we will chill for a lil bit then go on a walk. About half way through the walk my high will be gone...completly and my friends wont(ive got 3 years of smokin on him) and I have no idea why it does this. Maybe im not smoking enough to get me through the blaze...or its just some shitty bud!
  10. i complain about my high not lasting as long as it used to. If i'm sitting there playing wii while ripping the bong then i'm good for awhile. But if i get high and then go somewhere, not even 20 minutes later it's gone. Now the only time when i change settings as to where my high actually gets better is when i'm in the hot tub. I feel like it intensifies my high, and i am much much more relaxed.
  11. Setting has a lot to do with your high, actually... Everyone has their different thing that they like to do, or places they like to be when they smoke, so naturally when you're in these places/doing these things it's going to be a more pleasurable experience. But when you move to a different location, you're changing your setting, and also the mood/vibes/experience that goes along with said setting.

    I'm the same way -- there's this place in the woods not too far from me that I love to go and smoke (mostly 'cause no one else does, and I usually have it to my self)... And while I'm there I like to listen to my headphones -- so when I go there to smoke, my mind's already set that I'm gonna go get baked in a place that I enjoy doing so, and it's ready for the experience. I find that after I smoke, if I go and do something that's less pleasurable than my current activity, my high starts going away... But if I just go take a walk to relax and jam out to some good tunes, the high stays..

    It's all in the mindset and your setting...
  12. I'm pretty sure that the peak of the high lasts 30 mins and after that it declines gradually over about 2 hours, so that might be why.
  13. i generally smoke in my room and sit on the computer and play video games and that kills your high quick.

    smoke a joint play 20 minutes of battlefield 2 or cs:S and your high is non-exsistant
  14. Take a toke at the White House with security dogs chasing you. The environment will affect your high.
  15. ^^ hahahahahah

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