No deficiencies. Can I use CaMg+ as a preventative? Sort of like taking your vitamins? :)

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    Hey family!
    \nI managed to pick up a nice bottle of General Organics CalMag+ 0,0,0 at my hydro shop today for a good price. I've seen the ones with 2,0,0 but not 0x3.
    \nThe current PPM of my tap water before nutes currently sits at 250ppm and sits at the minimum recommended range for the Fox Farms Liquid Trio after mixing and pH adjustment during feeding. I'm also running FFOF soil.
    \nI apologize if this has been asked before. I did a few hours of research on Google and specific subreddits, but didn't find any solid answers whether this nutrient could also be added to my feeding or water schedule when there are no deficiencies present. I was more curious if this could act as a healthy "vitamin" or preventative to go with it without repercussions, or if I should just return it and buy something else :)
    \nOn the note that it's okay to add this supplement to the regimen, which would be the best time? Watering? Feeding? Water & Feeding?
    \nThanks everyone for your time!

  2. I couldn't say for sure in FF soil, but I'm in coco and I add cal mag to mine each feed....but then again coco is notorious for it's inability for cal/mag deficiencies.....

    I'm sure someone with soil experience will be able to provide a more definitive answer, but until then I would maybe hold back....If they aren't showing any signs of needing the additional cal/mag at present, it could be that FF soil already contains enough possibly, or at least retains it from the nutes a lot better than my coco ever has! :) 
    what are you using for a water source?
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    If you're watering using tap water, then no.
    If you're watering using RO or distilled water, then can add CalMg to the regular watering. I notice natural deficiencies form when I only water with RO. When I supplement with CalMg the plants remain healthy
  5. Tap. Guess I'll return the bottle and find something else!
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    I've been wondering the same question as OP, but I use RO water.
    Some say the GH flora nute mix I use has enough cal and mag in it, but some people say I'll need to supplement calmag.  This crop I been adding 100 ppm of calimagic(1/3 of the recommended dose) to plain water feeds. I can't fuckin believe the bottle recommends 300ppm of calmag.  Is that correct?  Should one really be adding that much?
    Haven't noticed any ill effect as of yet, mid flower. 
    always good to add some in with RO water, if nothing else it'll make it possible to test your PH.
    can't accurately test PH with straight RO water... gotta have some solids in there.
    does that GH flora nute mix have any ca/mg rations listed on the label?
     I didn't mention I also add a silica supplement to the r/o water.  I am well aware of relations between general hardness, carbonate hardness and pH from my aquarium hobbies. :)  Super soft water has low pH buffering capacity and is prone to drastic pH swings but you can definitely get an accurate reading of the water in it's current state.
    The GH does have it listed.  Not sure exactly how much though.  It's a 3 part mix and IIRC one of them has some calcium and one of them has some mag.  I can't check for about an hour. :(
  9. Thanks for the input guys. Everyone here is awesome! I'm on week 5 of my grow in Veg state and I'm mainlining my girls at the third nodes.  I'll be returning the bottle today.
    Since I'm using the trio, and have the spare cash, is there any "supplements" or "vitamins" I can add to my feeding or watering schedule to help my ladies just because I love them? Or should I just save my money? 
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    Not to hijack, since we're on the topic. I am switching over to distilled water and will be adding cal mag. My soil is already mixed with domolite lime. Is the soil ok to use with calmag? Or should I mix a new bag up?


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