no dealers calling me back?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PassTheGrass, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. So here's the thing, I used to have 3-5 pretty solid and reliable dealers. I bought an o in august from one of them. I've cut down my smoking a ton since school has started so that's lasted me until, now. I tried getting a hold of three of them yesterday, and couldn't. None of them hit me back up, and now I'm kinda worried cause I need some more bud. Are they not calling me back because its been so long? Could they ALL have been busted? I mean I used to pick up ounces from each of them monthly (each one weekely) so maybe its such the time gap they were all like fuck you. It seemed like I was on decent terms with all of them, at least decent enough terms, the best you can be for a drug dealer, you know? I guess I'm gonna have to find some new hookups :/
  2. instead of going to buy an oz. go buy a grow light, some seeds and some nutes. But if growning is something that is impossible, i'd drop them a text saying you need to get in contact or something and you'll ring sometime in the next few days. If still no answer, i'd say yeah, new hook-ups are required :L
  3. bro blow their phones up
  4. Dealers often change their phone numbers..Maybe you should go through a friend to see if he can help you contact one of your dudes.
  5. Just be like, w.e dude, you just lost an ounce sale

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