No crystals on bud, still dank?

Discussion in 'General' started by mandmaz2, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. So I got 20 grams of this bud from a dispo, it's called Candyland (sativa). The bud has a really low crystal count, super tiny and hard to notice. Still, the weed is bleepin good. Feels better than the frosty stuff I usually smoke too.
  2. I have the same thing with some Thai, it's outdoor grown, is brownish green and has very few trichomes but gets me so high I can't believe it. My bro said when he was on Mexico he bought some shitty looking weed and said he got higher than he's ever been before. And we've both smoked our fair amour of pot too, it's not that we're usually smoking really weak weed.

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  3. Was that shit laced?
  4. I experienced the same thing with some weed that was grown in Thailand. Looked like dog shit, but was arguably the strongest weed I have ever smoked.
  5. Weed I had it Thailand was preeeeetty average

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