No creator --> no creation.

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  1. Pretty self explanatory.
    No matter what kind of answer we think we find for the question :"how did we get here", there is still going to be a question that follows; "How did that get there".
    It doesn't make sense... Something can't come from nothing, and there couldn't have always been something, because something has to come from something. Take the very questionable big bang theory. Where did that singularity come from? What was it's origin?
    In order for us to exist something had to come from nothing. But thats not fuckin it?

  2. Who knows what's possible?
  3. Fuckin A
  4. I ask the same fucking question ALL the time.

    Fuck it.
  5. Then how did the creator make the universe in the first place? It made something from nothing, so that argument isn't valid.
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    What created the creator?

    And what created the creator that created us?

    You can go on an on with an infinite regression like this. All possibilities could be true. We cannot know, we will never be able to know for sure. We will never be able to "escape" the closed system that is our universe in order to "see" the broader picture.

    And while were on this subject... how do we know that matter is real? Was anything ever created? Or is it all an illusion?

    (these are unanswerable, but i like to think about this stuff while im baked)

    EDIT: Just thought i'd add a quote that resonated deeply with me and i have always thought was sort of important. I cant attribute it to any specific person, but i heard this exact line in the documentary, "what the bleep do we know?"

    "Space is the illusion that we are all separate constructs."
  7. The universe was created by god. He designed the engine that is evolution. And the rest took off from there. Nothing created the creator because the creator has been around an infinite amount of years and he has infinite capabilities.

    You have just heard the word of God.
  8. all you guys are way too high.
  9. Why does there have to be a creator?
    Where would that creator come from?
    Or did the creator somehow always exist?
  10. Those who believe there's no creator must truly believe they arrived here by

  11. where did the creator who created everything come from ? i had to come from nothing . pretty much it just had to appear out of no where from the beginning of everything . its only logical .
  12. Anyone who doesn't believe in a creator got dropped on their head when they were a baby.
  13. Huh? Wouldn't the creator be the stork? That analogy makes no sense. Those who believe in the creator are the ones who believe in fairy tales, not those who question that laughable notion of a magical man in the sky!
  14. so we came here from nothing? hahah you guys are idiots
  15. trololololololool

  16. No u :smoke:
  17. Yeah, cause an unproven belief in a fairy tale first told by primitive desert-dwellers is such a logical and intelligent idea...

    More like those who follow idiotic and primitive superstitions are the ones with mental problems...
  18. Fairy tales? Me? Believe? You assume too much..
  19. Missing Link (Science can only go so far but we can't figure out everything by 100%)


  20. So your post is the word of God? Was this work inspired or dictated?

    This is entirely possible. But i dont claim to know the Truth. To make such a claim would be unwise, because i simply do not know.

    How can you be certain that the creator was around for eternity? What if the creator that made the "engine that is evolution" that eventually resulted in us, here, today was just an experiment created by a more supreme being?

    Is our world perfect? What if our Creator is simply mediocre among all the other Creators, who have created more perfect worlds? How do you know that we were created by a Creator with infinite capabilities? If his capabilities are infinite, then why create this world in the first place? what is its purpose?

    Look at your above quote. The only assumption here is that you didnt get dropped on your head as a baby...

    This statement speaks for itself. We're all just idiots among this guy.

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