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No connection available

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by outdoorgrowman, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Havent used my computer in about 2 months and last time i used it i had comcast and now have verison fios.
    Ive tried to connect to the internet but to no avail. Says no connection available. I go in to troubleshoot and give me a message saying there may be a problem with driver or hardware. But ive tried going in and manually putting the ip address in reboot but no.
    Also tried connecting using the isp username and pass but still to no avail.
    My iphone connects wirelessly with no problem. Xbox connects with no problem and gfs laptop also connects
    What can i do to get this working? Im running windows 7 on an hp, amd64 3gb ram on a WIRED ethernet connection.
  2. If you haven't been able to connect since you switched to Verizon Fios, I would call Verizon's tech support line... they can probably help you figure it out.
  3. Check your device manager to make sure the network card isn't disabled or driver isn't corrupt.
  4. Checked adapter status said its working fine and is not disabled i disabled it and then enabled it but did nothing
  5. Well since you are able to connect via wifi, the problem is between your computer and the router. Have you reset your router? try another cable that connects from the router to your NIC?
  6. Yup tried both of those. Its not my router its something with the computer. Used the same cord for my xbox and it has connection
  7. Did you have any comcast connectivity software installed? I know some ISP providers require you to install their own connectivity software. If you have some kind of comcast software installed, uninstall it.

    Got a firewall?
  8. Hey guys i suck really bad. Cord wasnt in all the way or something haha. Had a friend looked at it n he said it was just a loose connection

  9. lol funny stuff.

    i always check the simple things before i go crazy its usually what the problem is.... :smoke:

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