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No card dispensaries?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleSocks, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. This is probably a dumb question but is there a place in the Portland area (or anywhere in Oregon and possibly Washington) where I don't need a card to buy from a dispensary?

    Any help appreciated :smoke:
  2. [quote name='"dawntoker"'][/quote]

    Lol! Dispensaries wouldn't be able to operate if they sold to everyone. C'mon dude!
  3. Shoulda stopped there
  4. wow op really? dude why do you wanna buy from dispensary? cant you just go to an average hookup? you get same quality on streets as the dispensaries
  5. Dude, the depsensaries have bodyguards and everything, They will card!
  6. [quote name='"dawntoker"'][/quote]

  7. Anybody else think op is cop tryin to bust a clinic that doesn't check for Id .?..

    All the clinics I've been to are strict with their security , parking lot , asking for rec and Id .......

    They don't play ......

    Op how old are considering you just smoked for your first time couple week ago n just found out what hotboxing is ....
  8. Im sure you could find some low life living behind a dispensary that would sell some decent shit.
  9. Sorry man, but this post was NEARLY as ridiculous as the OPs. NEARLY, but definitely not more.... lol

    But who WOULDN'T rather buy from a dispensary where you have way more options, zero chance of getting shorted, are doing it legally, can buy multiple mediums of MJ, do I need to keep going???

    Sure you can get good bud off the street, but I would say your chances are bit higher in a dispensary.
  10. Buddy in California has been to a dispensary and first time he went in he was a little sketched and offered to show his card when he was paying for like half an o and the guys working there said they believed him so you know what OP this thread isn't that ridiculous and people shouldn't be giving you such a hard time.
  11. dude no here in portland growers have different selections, and suppliers wont rip because of so much competition here. so it is rare that youll get ripped off. i never have
    i can get my hands on oils, hash anything that i would be able to get at a dispensary, so thats means you only have knowledge of where you live and not where i live buddy:cool:
  12. All you said here was that you have some of the same options as a dispensary....

    You forgot to mention the whole part about if you get caught buying off the street, you go to jail. If you get caught buying from a dispensary (assuming you're in one, you're legal...) you show an officer your credentials, and he smiles and lets you go.

    Also, rarely getting ripped off in the streets is worse than NEVER getting ripped off in a dispensary. They give you what you ask them for. They also weigh everything in front of you. And as many options as you claim you have on the street, there are still more in a dispensary.

    You aren't going to convince me that buying off the street is a better option than buying from a dispensary, bud. Good for you that you have a solid connect, but it's still not a better option.
  13. It's decriminalized there, the OP's location is Portland, chillax, obviously that's not the same as a medical rec but he's not going to jail. You can definitely get ripped off at dispensaries, and from what I understand in Portland it's very collective based, it's not really like Cali or CO or something. Patients have been arrested btw in dispensaries being raided, right next to my house in cali. They of course should be able to walk away without much incident, but they were taken to the station at the least.

    He may be right about what he said.
  14. I do not know of any officer, can i go now?
  15. Fucking goons nowadays
  16. I am chillaxing, don't worry, but it's non-sense to believe a dispensary is not a better option.

    And it may be decriminalized, but when you deal with things other than raw bud it's a whole different ball game. (i.e. hash, oils, etc.) And since we're comparing dispensary vs. street, why even bring up people getting arrested during raids? What's more likely... getting pulled over in a car for any reason and a cop finding bud on you/in your car, or you being in a dispensary at the same time the federal government decides to raid the place???

    Also, if you get ripped off by a dispensary, shame on you....
  17. Every single dispensary will card you, if they didn't even card one person, they'd get shut down.
  18. I don't really understand what this all has to do with what he said though, the OP was in Portland, the guy was commenting about his actual experience in Portland, I simply brought up that he won't see jail time because you said that would happen, well not there for under an ounce. I don't think anyone is discussing dispensary vs street except for you.

    Why shame on me? There's plenty of crap medicine out there, it's not always easy for people to 100% get the service they deserve. There's a ton of crappy concentrates that are toxic but people don't know better, there's plenty of kiefed flowers and other crappy practices going on in the dispensary game. I happen to have a great dispensary I frequent and I know my shit, but not everyone does, shame on them? No, shame on crappy people, and there's TONS of that in dispensaries. Anyway, dumb discussion.

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