No Buzz From Cigs Anymore?

Discussion in 'General' started by Emo Steve, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Ever since coming to college, I've been smoking one cigarette daily. At first I would get a buzz from them, but after the first few times, I couldn't get a buzz anymore. Why is that? Can people get tolerances to tobacco/nicotine like they do to weed?
  2. I smoke 15 a day or so and I can never really feel anything unless it's the first of the day or it's been an extended period of time since I've had it. It's just habit/addiction. If I smoked one a day I'd definitely feel that one though, one a day is nothing
  3. Your body is used to it now. I'd cut down before you get addicted.
  4. Nicotine tolerence comes on really fast
  5. of course you get a tolerance at firs i would smoke one and get a huge buzz and just space out listening to music for 10 mins then a month later i had to chain smoke 3 to get a buzz now i only smoke a cig once or twice a week
  6. Hmmm, I feel the nicotine a little bit but it's not so much of a buzz as a satisfying feeling of relief. I'm addicted.

    I need a smoke. :smoke:

  7. How does getting a job have anything to do with getting a nicotine buzz?
  8. Yes, for once the government is telling you the truth. Nicotine is highly addictive and you build up a tolerance very fast. Before long, you'll probably start smoking 2 a day, then 3 or 4 a day. Then the next thing you know you're a full blown smoker and you can't go a day without smoking a cigarette. Trust me, I'm living proof... I continue to smoke even though I know it's bad for me and I should quit, but deep down inside I just don't really want to because I'm addicted. You're better off giving it up now before it gets worse.
  9. I never really liked that 'high' you could/can get from cigs.

    I dont get no 'high' really anymore.

    I like my menthols and jus its kinda relieved/relaxed afterwards.
  10. You get a wicked resistance to tobacco. At first it gives you a buzz, but then you need a cigarette just to feel normal.
  11. i smoke about 2 packs a day, and i almost never get a buzz. About the only time will be after a loooong sleep while being drunk and no food in stomach. 12-16 hours of sleep with no food + cig after you wake up = absolute fucking buzz for 2 or 3 min, just lay back and buzz...
  12. It was like that with me too. Eventually you stop feeling them as much, except if it's the first of the day, you haven't smoked one in a while, etc. I still love them. :D
  13. Give it up now before its too late.
  14. I'm trying to quit now, I've been smoking a pack a day for probably 5 months now..

    I went 6 hours yesterday before freaking out, I really needed a nic fix.

    Cigarette destroyed me, fell right asleep after that (it was like midnight).

    So yeah, slow down.

    I'm down to 6 a day as of yesterday, from ~20, it's pretty rough.
  15. I didn't quit. I still find nicotene increases the high a great deal.
  16. Im a smoker, I love to smoke. Yes I know its bad for me, I dont care. I dont get the buzz much anymore, only when I gun it straight down
  17. i dont know. i only smoke cigs is when im drunk. and if im drunk im most likley high high every day. but when i drink i smoke alot. but im already drunk and high so i dont notice a buzz.
  18. really ? i use to be a 1 pack a half / 2 pack a day smoker .. now ive cut down to a pack a day and let me tell you its IMPOSSIBLE to get a cig buzz anymore .. there has been times when i havent eaten slept or done anything but drinking for 2-3 days .. and still a cigarette didnt give me a buzz ... just feeds an addiction .... seriously .. for a 2 pack a day smoker nicotine buzz is HISTORY ... now its just feeding an addiction

    not a cool thing to be a heavy smoker :rolleyes:

    fuck cigs (even tho i love & Need them) just smoke weed ... weedis the way to go

  19. Dude, I just gotta say, you are REALLY obsessed with cigarettes...

    Why is that?

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