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No Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kazaweed, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys have you ever felt really super depressed and you want some bud to cheer you up but theres none around and no money to go buy
  2. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.
  3. Yeah but I don't get depressed...

    If I haven't smoken in 3 days I miss it a little, but it's not like I'm fiending for a blunt.
  4. Yeah I dig. I've gotten used to not having bud though, living in a different city blows haha.
  5. Yep, everyother week im dry depending on how much weed i got last time i bought. I don't have a job ( i really should get one of those, but would fail drug tests epicly), and usally need to sell old video games, or consoles i dont use. I'm going to start selling some autographed and game used things i have from the NFL, some are probably worth A LOT, so i'll be set for a while :smoke:
  6. Try to find a nice steady contact.
  7. Yeah im trying to find someone but its a bit risky for me to be asking around
  8. If you really cant find bud anywhere, then your best bet is to stay occupied til you can get some. Play video games or focus on your job or go to a bar or something.

    You're getting depressed probably cuz its all you can think about and you know you cant get any. Just think about other stuff till you get ahold of some. Otherwise your just shooting yourself in the foot.
  9. Change up your daily routine if you have no bud, otherwise it would just be unbearable
  10. I don't use weed as a crutch for my emotions, that seems a bit unhealthy. You should try to actually address the problem.
  11. wut's worse is having a load of cash and knowing ya only connect is prob. locked up and cnt buy any herb.
  12. Suggesting a resin sesh? If possible?
  13. all the time
  14. Alright guys
    A: no resin man
    B:Im not depressed because im lacking weed im depressed cuz im had depression since i was 6 and weed was only ever thing that helped

    But my depression has gotten really bad latley cuz this chick im in like best mates with and the chick im in love with both stabbed me in the back hard man

    C: the only reasen i cant go out and find weed is because all my old mates who sell are all agaist me now
  15. Having the cash but not the connect is the worst possible way to be.
  16. stay busy and keep your mind off it bro. Smoking isn't everything
  17. Suck dick for bud thats the only plausible solution to your dilemma :rolleyes:
  18. hahahaha fuck that man i wouldnt do it...or would i ? o_O
  19. Its fucked up but....this is what I have done ONCE
    1. Call up an acquaintance/fringe friend NOT SOMEONE TIGHT!
    2. Ask to smoke
    3. Say you have bud
    4. Show up w/o bud
    5. He/She already came so she/hes not gonna not smoke so....your gonna end up seshing
    6. Falsely promise you will smoke him/her out
    7. Never really call that person again
    Free bud!

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