no bud so I droped some pillz

Discussion in 'General' started by BudManToke, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. yesterday I had no way of scoreing any bud and i really wanted to get Fu*ked up. so i went to the pharmacy and picked up a motion sickness drug called dramamine. my friend told me it gives a pretty awsome trip. So I go home and pop 12 50mg pills and an hour later i could barely walk, it felt as if I weighed 1000 pounds. It was great, im gonna do it again tonight. If you cant score and weed I highly recomend Dramamine!!!
  2. robotrippin is rather fun as well......dxm the shit in cough syrup makes you kinda trip........its fun
  3. i thought dramamine was presciption only these days?
  4. No. you can pick it up at pretty much any pharmacy. get the ones in the yellow box (Original Formula) I found that thos ones work the best
  5. wow thats cool..maybe ill have to check it sometie..havent popped dramamine in years

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