No bud, but a ton of alcohol!

Discussion in 'General' started by WesleePipes85, May 18, 2004.

  1. I won't have bud for awhile, but now that my brother is home from college I can get him to buy me alcohol. I got him to buy me a 2 liter of vodka, and i'm already allowed to drink my parent's beer... as long as I keep it to a 3 beer minimum. So 3-4 shots and 3 beers gets me drunk. That 2 liter should last me a good while, so I won't be down about not having bud. :)
  2. nice dude, alcohol is good.....but bud is better

  3. Me, I never judge others by their decisions that only effect themselves, i never tell people what, or what not to do. The only thing i want to say is, yes, alcohol is fun, but watch out with it, unlike bud, you have stupid actions too, not only stupid thoughts, so you just might do something you'll regret...I did. Just a warning my friend. Hot chicks that turn out to be your cousin through your dads marrage to her aunt + alcohol = bad consequences man. I slept with this chick who was a hot freshman, and now my dad proposed to his girlfriend, and we got to meet her family, and lo-and-behold...guess who was a part of her family.....:(
  4. ^dude its not as bad if its married into, its not like you're genetically related. say you were too drunk and you dont remember.
  5. EEkkk man...still, it sends cold shivers down my spine, and every time i see her, it makes me disgusted man...nasty shit...but anyways, back to the topic.

    A thing many potheads forget is that you can kill yourself with alcohol...whereas with pot, it is impossible for a human to kill themselves with an overdose. I mean, isnt the LD50 like 100 pounds?

  6. I believe the theoretical in humans was like 16,000 times the effective dose. That said, it's not like they've actually been able to test that amount in a human, so the LD-50 may be much higher than that...or it may not even exist.

    Either way, it's definitely safer than alcohol in quite a few aspects.
  7. Damn, I was drunk last night. Just smoked a J to get over the hangover.
  8. I never drive drunk, and that's the main way people die from alcohol. The other way would be alcohol poisoning... well I could never hold enough liquor to give me that, so that's no problem either.
  9. dont forget alcoholism

    Runs in the family, i dont drink
  10. Out of much do you have to drink to get alcohol poisoning? Does is also matter how fast you drink it?

    The most hammered I ever got was when I drank a 600ml water bottle full of 40% vodka. In like 15 minutes...I dont remember anything from that night, but from what my friends have told me I couldnt even walk. They had to pretty much carry me home.

    I dont do stupid shit like that anymore, I mostly drink beer now, either a bunch of tall cans or a 12 pack.
  11. I think once your BAC goes above .4% its concidered alcohol poisoning... Yes, the time it takes for you to drink it is very important, you have to drink it faster than your body can metabolize it..

    When you drink an alcoholic beverage, about 20 percent of the alcohol is absorbed in the stomach and about 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. How fast the alcohol is absorbed depends on the beverage, the more alcohol thats in it, the faster it gets absorbed...

    I once drank half a bottle of whisky to myself out of a glass, chugged it like beer. I felt really good for about 30 minutes, then i collapsed on the floor for an hour. When i tried to get up, i stumbled into my bed and puked about 20 times (seriously) and eventually fell asleep in my own puke. I was still sick in the morning and everytime i took even a sip of water, i would puke it back out.. I wasn't fully recovered until noon time... worst experience i've ever had with alcohol, but it doesnt outwiegh all the good times i've had with it, so i keep drinking!
  12. fire up, luke!
    i'm a raging alcoholic when i have no bud. especially when i gotta take a break.. i mean, for real, not smoking is really bad for me lol.. i go on like a fifth if not every other night, every night, binge.. split between 2 maybe 3 people though.

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