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No bong/piece/pipe or papes how can I smoke this bud?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeuceDeuce, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I have this fat seshpape just sitting here staring at me, my piece is at my friends so I can't hit a bong.
    I'm not making an apple bong or using a ghetto bong with aluminum, I have no papes or a pipe, how can I get high?!
    (I cant make anything that will dank either cuz my mom will be upstairs if I make something)
    Any help please ?
  2. Make some edibles that all i can really think of.
  3. Eat dat weed Rick Ross style
  4. Apple and edibles is really your own choice.
  5. I know people that have rolled weed in dollar bills and even receipts, it isn't good for you at all but if you are desperate enough...
  6. Apples work. bible paper can role pretty good j's, if you wanted to.
  7. Gross Gross Gross Gross Gross.....

    Try this in apprentice tokers (where it clearly belongs anyway) because you are more likely to find people there in your same situation.

    Oh, and PS, go buy some fucking papers!! If you are of age, this is never too big of a hassle. Unless you happen to live in the middle of a jungle.....
  8. your gonna have to either settle with a ghetto bong or rolling with bible paper that will stink up your house. you pick but i can pull a rabbit out of a hat if your to picky to smoke out of a apple etc
  9. beggars cant be choosers. make an apple pipe fool, they arent THAT bad and you got a nice snack afterwards
  10. Knifes nigah knifes
  11. i've made a orange pipe before. it was VERY messy, but tasted amazing. i don't remember if i ate it or not. lol.:hippie:
  12. u can make a decent one hitter from a pen tube and the put the pen spring at the end of the tube twisted up and make sure the flame doesn't hit the plastic
  13. one time i was in between classes at school and wondering how i was going to hit my buds. i looked around inside my car for something clever to smoke out of, i found a fork and decided i would sprinkle some nug on the pointy prongs of the fork. i whipped out a straw and put a lighter flame under the prongs and started inhaling, it took some time to get used to but i got the hang of it and got a nice lil stone before class, try this if you really need to. otherwise shape some foil like a pipe, it isnt as healthy as say some glass but it will get you high :smoke:
  14. What the hell is a seshpape and why dont you roll your weed in that.
  15. The old classic, works sometimes... [ame=]How To Hit A Hand Pipe - YouTube[/ame]

  16. your a fucking prick. :rolleyes:
  17. You're***

    And I am failing to see where I was a prick in that reply.....

    Was it because I said it was gross to roll a joint out of a dollar bill, which happens to be one of the dirtiest things that a human comes in contact with on a daily basis??

    Or was it because I tried explaining to him that this type of thread is not exactly fit for the 'Seasoned Tokers' section??

    Or was it because I told him that it wasn't hard to find any gas station and buy a 1 dollar pack of papers??

    Are you sure that it's ME being a prick?
  18. Can't argue with that.
  19. How the fuck can you do this and not burn your hands
  20. I don't know what seshpape is....

    but you can make an apple/any fruit/any vegetable pipe. Plastic bottles, tin foil, etc.
    Or just wait until you have your piece, your tolerance will be lower and you will get higher ;)

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