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No-Bake Firecracker Recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ThaAAXplosion, Aug 27, 2010.

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    Hey guys, this is just for those that don't want to cook them or are worried about smell,


    Natural peanut butter (highest fat content)
    Olive oil
    Some dank buds
    Plastic wrap

    *A safe bet for peanut butter/oil/pot ratio would be 1 1/2 TBS of peanut butter to .5grams of nug and adding 1 TSP of oil.

    Steps:*This is for one .5gram cracker, 2 of these will give me a 4-8 hour high

    -Grind bud up to DUST
    -Mix 1 1/2 tablespoons of peanut butter (you can eyeball it) with one teaspoon of olive oil, i like to stir with a toothpick, just until it isn't very runny. if it's too runny add more peanut butter.
    -Spread on a cracker and evenly distribute cracker (want as much surface area as possible touching the peanut butter) and sandwich with another creaker (after spreading the rest of the mixture on it.
    -Wrap TIGHTLY in plastic wrap and wrap again with tin foil ensuring there are no holes or ways for air to get in or out.
    -Leave it to sit in the warmest spot of your house (dont worry about the peanut butter running, plastic wrap, remember?:cool:
    -Let it sit for a good 5 days, longer if you can resist. Just remember if you want the best possible firecracker you want to leave it for as long as possible (max of 10days though)
    -Now once it has sat out for awhile, throw it in the freezer to firm the peanut butter up

    *I would say add a gram if using mids, and for schwag throw on 3 or 4 grams (I don't know about schwag elsewhere but here it doesn't even get me high.)

    *HiOedipus suggested throwing it under some lights since they do throw off a decent amount of heat. Although it only needs to be somewhere like 75-80 F

    *Just remember there are lots of factors (heat, bud, peanut butter, time) that can all change so it may not work for you and work awesome for someone else. Above everything, be careful.
    Thanks for reading:hello:
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    Very nice write up, ThaAAXplosion.

    Some things I would ammend:

    Nutella is a substitute for those who dislike/are allergic to peanut butter.
    I'm sure people will ask about using mid and schwagg, so any suggestions would be a good addition. 1.5g of regular old mid seems to do just as good of a job. I actually prefer mid in firecrackers. Dank is for the smokes/vape. 8)
    Suggestion for warm spot: Under a light. I use grow lights. :D It's about 80F from just two small fluorescent lights, which don't use much energy at all.

    To those who will disagree: I understand your worries about this not working, but please do not bump it until you try a proper method at least twice before making any decisions for yourself. Countless individuals get results off of this.

    Happy eating!
  3. Haha, thanks for that. I didn't even think about people who might be allergic, although natural (I repeat, natural. Cannot stress that enough) peanut butter does have a higher fat content than Nutella, albeit a small difference, but all fat counts.
  4. Very true -- natural PB is definitely the way to go. Jif seems not to do nearly as well. Thanks for the mention in the first post. I'm putting two of these aside -- one under a light, and one just normal. I'll post pictures and the results in about a week when they'll be done. 8)

  5. Haha thanks for giving them a try! I hope they work for you, if not that sucks. But anyways I think whether or not edibles work sometimes has to do with your metabolism. Like while I was still going through puberty and my metabolism was off the charts edibles NEVER worked. So if your one of those people that can eat anything and are still extremely skinny I personally wouldn't recommend edibles unless they are quite strong, but if you want to try don't let me stop you.:hello:
  6. It is currently 99 degrees ourside my house in the sun im gonna put it in that and leave it there for the remainder of the day and eat it tommorow would that work?

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