No Bad Weed... (Super Bowl Weekend)

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  1. -Sigh- I'll start by saying this is a rant so leave if you don't feel like reading my bitching.
    Hey tokers, hope your super bowl week has been fantastic, unlike mine. I have spent all week looking for shit weed to bake with for a Superbowl party i'm hosting with about 17 people and you wouldn't guess it, NO ONE HAS ANY MIDS! I have a little less than an ounce of some delicious Chemdog OG that I wouldn't even dream of sharing with my friends (just being honest) but none of the retailers I know have any mids to bake with! I'm so frustrated! I have looked near and far to no avail and the closest I got was a guy 40 minutes away who sold his last O as we were on the phone talking. I'm pissed. So pissed in fact i'm thinking of canceling my party. 
    What the fuck kind of a good host would I be if I didn't have space cakes!? It's almost expected of me to have space cakes! Everyone loves them and in my hood i've got the best bakery, period (not to toot my own horn but I bake with l♥ve).
    Have any of you ever dealt with anything like this? FL is marijuana intolerant so its not like I can go to the store and buy what I need. I could use your advise friendly stoners. 
    Should I cancel or proceed knowing everyone will miss out and be disappointed I didn't bake... :[

  2. Just make some edibles with that dank of yours
  3. Be a little giving and just bake with that OG
  4. Placebo effect.
    Just say it's got the goods. 
  5. I have never heard anyone complain that they can't find any shittier weed than they have.
    Bake with what you have and charge people accordingly.
  6. At least you have some weed. I have not had weed in a while. 
  7. Just bust out like a quarter oz to smoke that will get 18 people stoned and I doubt anyone will care if their getting free eedibles or free smoke
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    Use that og and buy urself a quarter with the money u was gonna spend on mids for personal use.dont be cheap,cannabis is all about the love man
  9. What's this about love?
    Pfft, hippies.
    Giving the goods to a few friends is love.
    Over 18 people just plain isn't! OP shouldn't have to dish out that much...
    And she can't charge, she invited them as guests. 
  10. Op shouldn't be throwing a party if she isn't gonna take care of her guests...
  11. Well if it was a weed party, sure.
    But it's the super bowl.
    Wings, pizza, snacks, sandwiches, and beer beer beer.
  12. Why don't you ask if they can each toss in a few g's? Because you cant find anything worth sharing with them basically
  13. Well, I agree. But from the way op described it, sounds like weed is a big part of her parties.

    Although I do agree that people should bring some stuff to offer. Its polite to already have something for people but equally polite to bring some goodies for everyone else when you show up.
  14. You bake with love but wont cook unless you can find inferior ingredient?
  15. Good call. Smoke the weed, then cook regular brownies to eat for munchies.
  16. Ya if I had some og I would only share with like a couple friends I don't blame you bro
  17. If you lived in an area where premium weed (rare strains) are hard to find you would maybe have a better idea of why I have certain standards of baking and sharing. I'm all for sharing crippy, northern lights or he'll even a little Pineapple Express because they're somewhat easy to find but in miami you don't come across legit chemdawg og so hopefully you see my apprehension in using it to bake.

    It sounds like a total stoner party and it is to a certain extent but I have edibles at all my parties as a courtesy to my friends it's just what I'm known for, what I'm good at.

    Still no weed and I won't shell out $300 for top shelf to put in food that my friends are going to eat. Sorry, not sorry.

    I love the idea of maybe buying a quarter of TS and smoking everyone out but not everyone likes smoking the weed to get the meds... I guess I'm over reacting a little I'm just really bummed that my signature dishes won't be available.
  18. I agree, just ask people to pitch a couple bucks.
  19. Then buy some alcohol instead. Will be just as fun for everyone I'm sureSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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