No amber at 9 weeks indica

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  1. Hey guys. I posted a few different times on this trend and I'm having another problem for lack of a better word. I'm running an unknown strain of indica. I'm at week 9 since I flipped them for 12:12. I'm using a 300w LED light along with for 3000 luminas CFL lighting in my indoor grow. I'm using the General Hydroponics line for a soil grow and have flushed twice using molasses in my water that was set to 6.5 pH. It's been a near-perfect girl but being as it is week 9 I'm concerned that my plants aren't ambering up the way they have before in the past. From what I can see I'm about 70% cloudy trichomes and the rest are clear. I don't see any amber in them. I've been using a five times magnifying glass I can see them pretty good. Does anybody have any thoughts on this or have experience this kind of problem before? Should I give them a little bit more time or should I pull them? I'm looking for more of a couch lock effect and was hoping to get around 40% trichomes that are Amber. Thanks

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  2. I should wait 2 more weeks until I cut them down?
  3. I use a 30x jeweler's loupe, but I think he's saying check again in two weeks. Amber is just the progression of the trichomes. It'll get there eventually.

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