NLxHaze, Skunk #1 and Utopia Haze

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  1. This is Day 2 since the seeds popped. This will be a long journey my friends, but these 3 strains are quite legendary, so if anyone has growing wisdom to impart or good links, please send them my way. I'm particularly interested in low cost mycorhyzal fungi / nitrogen fixing bacteria.

    NL x Haze: Sensi
    Skunk#1: Sensi
    Utopia Haze: Barneys Seeds

    This is my first 3 plant grow, but I grew 2 plants a couple of years back with cheapy organic ferts and compost teas.

    I set out to buy some Compact Fluoros for the babies.

    I have 15,000 lumens (2600 each x 6)
    3 x 2700 (Cool White)
    3 x 4700 (Natural White)

    Here are 2 pics.
  2. Growing haze plants under CFLs! :hello: You have grabbed my attention. Hazes are what I really yearn to grow, but their sheer size has me questioning my ability to pull it off with low penetration lighting. So lead on, MacDuff, and I shall follow.

    Mmmm, I really want to try the Utopia Haze.

    Good luck with the grow.

    P.S. The pics are not showing. Are you perhaps linking to a protected offsite gallery?

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