NLxBigBud first week of flowering.

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  1. I just switched my 4 over to 12/12 last week, got two females! I switched a little early cuz I'm working on a deadline, gotta harvest before school ends. I did alot of trimming the big fan leaves to open up space for the bud sites, so they look pretty thin. Any comments would be great.

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  2. Hey bro what kind of light did you veg under, and what kind of light are you using for flower? The spacing of the nodes suggests they were vegged under fluorescents that might have been too far away from the plants. But over all they look okay. What's your soil mix and what kind of nutes are you using?

    Stay green!
  3. Looks real good.
    Should be tasty.
    I love hybrid Indica/Sativas
  4. Thanks guys, I'm just using 1 150W HPS, but like I said I had 4 in there before. During veg I used a 10-12-10 Generic grow nute and I got Indonesian Bat Guano for flowering, which it seems they have responded to very well. For soil I used an organic violet mix with perilite and no nutes in it, seems to work very nice..a buddy recommended it.

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