NL5- With chiller tube and perc review (Huge Pics)

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  1. When we bought this piece we were told that they are only made for our local head shop, The Magic Bus. I am not sure if its true or not but have not seen anything else quite like it so it might be. Sadly I broke the perc chamber the second week we had this piece but it it still functions as well as when it was not. Even with the break this is my second favorite water pipe we own.

    First the Pic's




    Base with diffused down stem


    GonG female from base


    GonG mated between Base and Perc. GonG and grommets, kinda weird but it works.


    The perc still works well even slightly broken :rolleyes:


    The colored part of the perc.


    Perc and base mated.


    Chiller tube in it's home environment, a bed of ice in the freezer.


    Up close of the butterfly marble.


    Full view of the chiller tube.


    Fully assembled.



    The review:

    Bowl Size: .5 grams = 3 tokes
    Percs: Multiple percs may be bought and added. Ours has a single dome percolator chamber.
    Drag: Moderate/Heavy
    Ice Catcher: N/A Chiller tube
    Thickness: 7 mm
    Joints: Glass on Glass and Grommets
    Cleaning: Pain in the Ass. MUST be cleaned after EVERY use.
    Price: 725$ (the perc was 125$ of this price) Local head shop, The Magic Bus.
    The glarp: None.


    This Piece has several interchangeable features. This review covers only a single setup which is base, percolator chamber, and chiller tube. It is full glass on glass with grommets. You twist the individual sections together to form a good seal. Getting the connections wet is a must.

    The chiller tube is possibly thicker than the rest of the piece. It is full of a "Glycerin/Corn syrup mixture" that does not freeze. It just gets super duper cold.


    This huge piece gives very cold hits. Every toke taste refreshingly clean and even "cash" hits are a pleasure to deal with. Each toke can be as massive as the user wishes with very little coughing. The modular design of this piece makes cleaning a bit easier and storage a snap. You get pretty blazed after three to four bowls shared amongst 3 people.


    When the chiller gets warm or if your smoking herb that produces a lot of tar beware! The chiller piece of this water pipe tends to collect A LOT of resin and when it gets warm it clogs or gets sucked through onto your face! NASTY. (Note from fiancee: a faceful of resin ISN'T sexy!!) When I take this piece apart, huge chunks of nastiness rinse out the back. I suppose that is a good thing because it's not in my lungs, but damn.

    The drag on this piece can be severe due to blockages. Also a very top heavy piece that will most likely be broken again.

    Cleaning out the chiller tube is a Royal pain in the ass. Even after blasting it out every run getting Iso and salt threw it is tough. 420 cleaner works but only after a really long soak.

    Over All:

    This piece is good, fun to smoke out of and intresting to look at. Overall, not worth the 725$ price tag but still fun and highly enjoyable to smoke. I give it a 7.5, mostly because of cleaning and price.

  2. You should really invest in some sort of way to keep it upright. Steal a soda crate from a gasstation, and cut a circular hole in it the size of the base. You will still have to be careful about it, but its better than nothing.
  3. I have some foam block cut outs it sits on. I just push ice up all around it. I hate when pieces roll on to the floor. >_<

  4. sick tube. i've never seen anything like that.
  5. Good idea, I would absolutly hate myself if I broke a $725 bong >.<
  6. I really like that one. I am getting a Illadelph Hura Coil soon with A/C. I am so siked!!! Nice piece though. I really like how the chiller tube is clear and green.
  7. sweet design, I wonder if the joints are interchangeable with Illadelph pieces, I would be interested in some perc attachments

    any more info on the brand name?
  8. Well, that's around the price of a non perced illy with the chilling coil.... but I'd never buy either, I don't understand why they can't make coiled or other multi piece tubes just GonG, with no rubber seals... It really kills the whole point.

    Also too bad the coil section doesn't go under the perc section to keep you from freezing your face.
  9. the rubber seal allows for the joints to be "locked". the guys at melrose showed me how this works and shook the entire piece pretty confidently while just holding the coil. besides i don't think much smoke comes in contact with the rubber portion if any at all
  10. Get an AC.

  11. Yeah, but I'd prefer just have GonG and hold it by the base... rubber wears out many thousands of times faster than glass. If you have a glass bong, someone could find it in ten thousand years and take a hit, if you have a bong like that, someone could find it in ten thousand years, and wonder why why the hell you used a rubber grommet on an otherwise eternal bong.

  12. yeah man, then you'd be set
  13. It does in fact need an AC. Trying to find one I really like and still stay local. The GonG AC's they carry locally just don't feel right on this piece. I still have a shop or two to hit in the city before I shop online. I always try and support my local head shop!

  14. Now I want to bury bongs all over my yard, so people will eventually find 'em, and hopefully milk 'em.
  15. looks better constructed than the phire coil thats for sure!
  16. Where do you live and do you have a shovel I can borrow? :D;)

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