NL X C99 (NL99) Availability/Alternatives

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  1. After a failed Google detective hunt, I haven't been able to find any place to buy seeds for this strain (NL99). Does anyone know where to get it? Or if it just isn't available right now (if so when will it be available)? If the strain has disappeared know of any comparable alternative strains that are available?


    EDIT: Sorry if this post is in the wrong location, please tell me where it should go if this is the case.
  2. :wave: Femaleseeds do a C99 Hybrid that is very nice, not sure whats in it but the pheno I got finished fast more like an indica.

    I'll be having some again for sure :smoke:

  3. I grew out the c99 hybrid on my last batch. I really really like it. Highly recommend it. Its a mix of 75% C99/25% Mazar X 50% c99/ 50% nevilles haze fast flowering.

    I really want to try out their pure C99. But I just have way too much to go through already.
  4. yeah that is the great thing about a c99 even a pure c99 that is considered 100% sativa still finishes in about 50-55 days
  5. Thats some crazy genetics :D No wonder its so awesome to smoke, Mazar is an awesome indica to use for a cross.

    Thier pure C99 is a bit all over the place like thier Black Widow IMO, awesome to smoke but can be hassle depending on the pheno.

    The hyrbid finished the sametime as Barney's BlueCheese, thats a fast harvest :smoke:
  6. thanks for the info! I saw a black widow x c99 on hempdepot. Apparently its new, and hasn't been reviewed yet. Curious what that's like. I'll have to check out that femaleseeds c99 hybrid.
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    So I think I'm going to order two strains separately: the C99 hybrid and a Northern Lights strain from Attitude tomorrow (4/20). Figure I could grow both simultaneously, and give me some experience with different kinds of plants.

    Question is, what strain of NL should I get from Attitude? Please respond ASAP, since I wanna get this order in before the end of tomorrow.

    EDIT: I'm an idiot and April fools day doesn't equal 4/20.... Still would like some recommendations.
  8. Actually, I'm open to any recommended indica strains that are good for beginning indoor growers (that Attitude carries).
  9. TH Seeds Burmese Kush, got my vote for a nice indica, easy to grow and the one I sampled had OG flavors for sure.
  10. I got some of those bk's last year as a freebie - yeah real good beginner strain. Nice plant not to branchy - vigorous growth . Im actually growing out my last run of it. Great plant but I have more I want to try.
  11. Any idea how the BK compares to the NLxBigBud cross attitude carries?
  12. try a hindu kush or masterkush
  13. [quote name='"bonvoyage"']Any idea how the BK compares to the NLxBigBud cross attitude carries?[/quote]

    Nope, never ran that one

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